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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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This is from a month ago but I wanted to share it! It features a bunch of thrifted pieces old and new.


Top from Crossroads, Faded Glory pants from Walmart, ALDO purse from Crossroads, Naturalizer booties from Goodwill, necklace from Modcloth, sunglasses from a random store in Santa Cruz



I got this really cute peplum top from Crossroads and I really love it. Peplum is such a flattering cut on any body type! Also got the black ALDO purse that was pretty much brand new. The pants I got – no judgement now! – from Walmart and they’re the best things ever! They’re Faded Glory jeggings and they look like pants and feel like leggings and they are amazing and cheap too. I bought them in like 5 different colors. The necklace is a new purchase from Modcloth and I’m hoping to wear it more with fancy dresses and nice tops alike.


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One big change from last quarter: I got braces! Being in dental school, you become super conscious of you teeth feel the pressure to have a perfect smile. I’ve been thinking about braces for a while now and this is as good a time as any! There are now quite a few of us in my class who have braces now, so that makes it more bearable. I considered getting them done by an ortho resident at UCSF, but they don’t take my insurance and it ended up being too expensive. So I’m getting them done at my regular general dentist.


I got my upper first premolars extracted in the same appointment I got my braces on the upper teeth, and I was so miserable for a few days. But after a week I was fine. Right now I only have braces on my upper teeth and I’ll get the lower ones once school is out for summer. I can’t wait to start seeing changes in my smile!

I really love this draped blouse from H&M this season. Here I am wearing it to get ice cream at Smitten. I got the floral one online and loved it so much that I wanted to get it in other colors too. It’s so flowy and light and perfect for spring. But they were all pretty much sold out online in my size and the colors I wanted, and I have not succeeded in finding them in stores…


To celebrate the end of the quarter, some friends and I went to Biergarten after our last final.


It was a beautiful afternoon to visit and there were lots of people already at 4:30. Lots of beer was had and Yufei and I decided to get dinner there too. I got the Frankfurter with curried potatoes and he got the pork belly sliders. Yum.


I can’t believe spring break is already coming to an end… it felt SO short. Now I have to take a deep breath and brace myself for the last quarter of D1 year!

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It’s been a while since my last outfit post. This one transitioned really well from business casual at clinic on Friday to dinner at Chapeau, with a the addition of a few accessories. This is also a mostly thrifted outfit, which is becoming more and more of a norm for me!


LOFT blouse thrifted from Crossroads, Forever 21 skirt thrifted from Crossroads, Express blazer thrifted from Goodwill, grey tights – old, Naturalizer ankle boots thrifted from Goodwill, purse from Modcloth, necklace from Charlotte Russe.

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Man, I missed thrifting! It sucked that I have no time to go thrifting during school, but I made up for it over winter break! Here are a few of my lasted finds.

1. Billie & Blossom dress – Goodwill


The tag on this one says 10, and at first I thought there’s no way it would fit me. But then I looked at it more closely and it looks to be my size. so I tried it on and it was a perfect fit! Turns out it was a British brand and UK size 10 is like a US size 6. This is a pretty good rule for thrifting – never just look at the size on the tag. You never know if the piece is from a different country or time when the sizing is not the same as today. Anyway, it’s a gorgeous dress, the black down the sides is really slimming!

2. Forever 21 dress – Goodwill


Pretty basic dress, but it fits well and was less then $3 so why not.

3. Another Forever 21 dress – Goodwill


This dress is so cute! I love the mesh yoke neckline, the white lace, and the black ribbon detailing. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and edgy and can be dressed up or down.

4. Ann Taylor tank – Goodwill


A cute tank that can be taken from day to night. So soft and comfy!

5. Twisted flats – Crossroads


These are the perfect wear-anywhere shoes for spring and summer!

6. Spring heels – Goodwill


Got these just in time for the Twitter holiday party this year. I had been looking for heels with straps across the top of the foot and these fit the bill!

Can’t wait to wear these newest thrift shop treasures soon!

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Woohoo! First What I Wore post in SF! Several things to note about this outfit:
1. I love pairing colorful cardigans with more neutral, muted colors (as well as the reverse – neutral cardigan to tone down a colorful top. I just love cardigans I guess).
2. Bright kelly green goes really well with navy.
3. I’m in love with ankle boots right now. They look great with cuffed jeans!

Tank top from Banana Republic, cardigan from H&M, old jeans, ankle boots from Taget, bag from Payless, glasses from Tiffany & Co, old necklace, tiered trench coat from eBay (similar to a Burberry one I obsessed about a couple years ago)

PS: Sorry about the bad lighting, it’s hard to find a good time/spot in the apartment that has good natural light!

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You might have noticed that I haven’t really done any outfit posts since my move to SF. This is due to several reasons. One, I don’t really have much reasons to go out most days, so I get lazy and just lounge around in leggings and t-shirts and sweaters all day if I know I’m going to be in the apartment most of the day. Two, the weather, climate, and geography in SF is really hard to dress for. It can be freezing in July and hot in October. It could be bright and sunny in one neighborhood and foggy and cold in another. It’s nice and warm in the afternoon but windy and chilly at night. And the hills make comfortable shoes really important. Many days I just find myself unable to come up with a reasonable outfit for the day. Other days I end up grabbing another layer or a scarf that doesn’t match the rest of my outfit right before I leave. So I haven’t quite gotten the hang of dressing appropriately for this city yet. I’ll get there someday.

That said, here are a couple of the outfits I have managed to capture on camera. This was on an unseasonably warm day in July:

Vintage top from mom’s closet; silk maxi skirt, belt, and sunglasses thrifted from Goodwill; sandals from Aldo; necklace that’s actually a watch from Disney

This is a more typical summer outfit:

Sweater from my aunt; dress/tunic from store in Canada; leggings from Seductions; Bucco boots; bag thrifted from Goodwill; free sunglasses from college career fair

Now that it’s fall and the weather should stabilize to a certain degree of coolness, I hope I can have an easier time dressing. Fall is actually my favorite season for fashion; I just love boots, jackets and coats, scarves, and sweaters. So hopefully I will be doing more outfit posts soon!

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I finally checked out the thrifting scene in SF last weekend. Since we live in Lower Haight, I decided to go down to Haight-Ashbury, where there are a ton of vintage and second-hand stores. I went to Buffalo Exchange first since I’ve been to a couple of their stores in New York, but this location was way too crowded and their stuff was a little overpriced in my opinion. A little disappointed, I headed a couple of stores up the street to Crossroads. The store had more higher-end stuff as well as lots of fast fashion brands. I found this Jason Wu for Target bag for $18.

It was in excellent condition, just a few tiny stains, which I was able to remove with an old toothbrush and laundry detergent. It’s nice and roomy, the perfect bag for work or school.

Next, I headed to Goodwill, which turned out to be full of treasures! I spent a good 3 hours there. The store is pretty organized, which made searching for the gems a lot easier. They also played really awesome music! Always a plus when it comes to a pleasant shopping experience. The only downside was that they only had 2 dressing rooms and a 5-minute time limit (I had to line up twice). Anyway, here’s all the stuff I got at Goodwill.

This gorgeous pair of Steve Madden leather wedges. At first I thought they were really high, but when I tried them on, they were actually not bad. And they were the perfect size for me. Pretty good condition, a few minor scuffs on the edges. But they are so fierce and only $10.49!

Here’s another pair of shoes I got. Brand new Merona pumps! They were size 6.5 and just a little big for me, but with some insoles they fit me just fine. The mid-heel makes them comfortable and easy to walk in.

I also got this mini crossbody bag and brown belt, just because they’re items missing from my closet.

Now onto the clothes. This gorgeous 100% silk maxi skirt was only $5.49!

This top was from Forever 21, but I loved the vibrant color and cute yet work-friendly style, and it was only $2.74.

Next I have 2 dresses. The first one is from Ann Taylor LOFT. I’m pretty sure this LBD is brand new (it still had the “please remove before wearing and washing” tag on). The style is perfect for both formal and casual occasions, and the little ruffles on the collar are so cute.

The second dress is this BCBG number. I love the print and the purple and yellow color combo, as well as the sleeves.

And here I am wearing 2 of my thrifting finds!

I was very happy with my haul this time, and due to the proximity of these stores I think I might make regular trips down there from now on. The great thing about thrift stores is that it’s never the same each time you go!

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