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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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This is from a month ago but I wanted to share it! It features a bunch of thrifted pieces old and new.


Top from Crossroads, Faded Glory pants from Walmart, ALDO purse from Crossroads, Naturalizer booties from Goodwill, necklace from Modcloth, sunglasses from a random store in Santa Cruz



I got this really cute peplum top from Crossroads and I really love it. Peplum is such a flattering cut on any body type! Also got the black ALDO purse that was pretty much brand new. The pants I got – no judgement now! – from Walmart and they’re the best things ever! They’re Faded Glory jeggings and they look like pants and feel like leggings and they are amazing and cheap too. I bought them in like 5 different colors. The necklace is a new purchase from Modcloth and I’m hoping to wear it more with fancy dresses and nice tops alike.


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Yesterday was the last day of D1 year!! I can’t believe the first year of dental school is over… it feels so surreal. Anyways, more recapping and reflection will be in a later post. For now, I just wanted to share my outfit for the day. It was a rare warm sunny day and I knew we were going out to celebrate after our last final, so I dressed up a bit.


Jack by BB Dakota dress from Crossroads, H&M flats from Crossroads, cardigan from Old Navy, bag from China, necklace gifted by a friend.


Bag from Body Central.

I love picking one main piece with lots of colors, like this dress, and then adding other pieces to the outfit by picking certain colors from the first piece. I tried 2 different bags with the outfit, and I chose to go with the pink one because it was large enough to carry my light sweater for when it gets colder at night. I can’t wait for more warm days to wear summer clothes!

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It’s been a while since my last outfit post. This one transitioned really well from business casual at clinic on Friday to dinner at Chapeau, with a the addition of a few accessories. This is also a mostly thrifted outfit, which is becoming more and more of a norm for me!


LOFT blouse thrifted from Crossroads, Forever 21 skirt thrifted from Crossroads, Express blazer thrifted from Goodwill, grey tights – old, Naturalizer ankle boots thrifted from Goodwill, purse from Modcloth, necklace from Charlotte Russe.

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It’s about time I did a quick update about the status of my dental school apps. Since I last posted on the subject, I’ve decided to put my deposit down for UCSF. I’ve been wait-listed at Harvard, and rejected by Columbia (no love from the alma mater). I’m really excited about UCSF though, and I’m very happy with my choice. I think of all the interviews I went on, UCSF left me with the best impression. I think the program is a good fit for me and I can’t wait to start in September. I’m not holding out for Harvard, but if a miracle happens and I get in, I’m really not sure what I’ll do. But for now I’m happy just focusing on moving things forward with UCSF.

Now, for the real subject of this post. Ever since I decided to go into dentistry, I’ve been on the look out for teeth-related things. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think teeth-shaped stuff are actually pretty cute. They make awesome home accessories, like these salt and pepper shakers:


Or this cookie jar:


Or this toothbrush holder:


Am I right? So cute. In addition to home decor, they also make for cute and unique jewelry. Like this cool necklace:


Or these new earrings that I bought a few weeks ago:



They also come in gold:


How awesome are these? Such unique pieces sure to be conversation starters. I can’t wait to add to my collection of teeth-related items in the future!

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You might have noticed that I haven’t really done any outfit posts since my move to SF. This is due to several reasons. One, I don’t really have much reasons to go out most days, so I get lazy and just lounge around in leggings and t-shirts and sweaters all day if I know I’m going to be in the apartment most of the day. Two, the weather, climate, and geography in SF is really hard to dress for. It can be freezing in July and hot in October. It could be bright and sunny in one neighborhood and foggy and cold in another. It’s nice and warm in the afternoon but windy and chilly at night. And the hills make comfortable shoes really important. Many days I just find myself unable to come up with a reasonable outfit for the day. Other days I end up grabbing another layer or a scarf that doesn’t match the rest of my outfit right before I leave. So I haven’t quite gotten the hang of dressing appropriately for this city yet. I’ll get there someday.

That said, here are a couple of the outfits I have managed to capture on camera. This was on an unseasonably warm day in July:

Vintage top from mom’s closet; silk maxi skirt, belt, and sunglasses thrifted from Goodwill; sandals from Aldo; necklace that’s actually a watch from Disney

This is a more typical summer outfit:

Sweater from my aunt; dress/tunic from store in Canada; leggings from Seductions; Bucco boots; bag thrifted from Goodwill; free sunglasses from college career fair

Now that it’s fall and the weather should stabilize to a certain degree of coolness, I hope I can have an easier time dressing. Fall is actually my favorite season for fashion; I just love boots, jackets and coats, scarves, and sweaters. So hopefully I will be doing more outfit posts soon!

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Another summer look from last week (before winter decided to come back to NYC) featuring the result of my long search for a maxi dress! I wasn’t sure that a maxi length would work for a somewhat petite gal like me, but I think this one looked great on me – what do you think?

Maxi dress from Old Navy, necklace from China, sandals from Aldo.

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I don’t have a good full-body shot of my outfit but I really loved this look so I’m sharing this photo:

Top from H&M given to me by a friend, skinny jeans, red patent flats from JCPenny, white and gold woven belt thrifted from Goodwill, gold origami crane necklace from Forever21.

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