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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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I left out one big part of my D2 year in the last post about dental school life, and that’s because it deserves its own post! As someone who conducted research over the summer between D1 and D2 year, I, along with a large group of classmates, went to the American Association for Dental Research/International Association for Dental Research conference in March. The event was held in Boston, and despite the cold, we had a ton of fun there.

Me and my good friend/clinic partner/ortho buddy Mychi at the UCSF reception the first night of the conference:


Presenting my research poster next to my classmate Mona! This was such a cool experience not only because I was able to talk about my research to a bunch of new people, but presenting next to Mona was a bonus because we had first met in Boston when we interviewed for Harvard together! Funny how life works out sometimes.


Me and my poster!


D2 girls manning the UCSF booth at the exhibit hall!


We had some free time to explore the city and I took full advantage of it! I really didn’t like Boston when I went there for my Harvard interview a couple of years ago, but this time I found the city quite charming! On my last morning there, I took a walk by myself to Boston Common. It was a cold but clear morning and it was just lovely.


Then I met up with friends for some delicious seafood at Neptune Oyster! We had oysters, lobster roll, and clam chowder:



For dinner we hit up Giacomo’s for some Italian food – with more seafood of course!



I’m so glad that I was able to attend this conference during dental school. There are so many opportunities to get involved in dentistry on a bigger level, be in with research, organized dentistry, academia, and more, and having the chance to travel and meet students and professionals from other places in the world is so enriching. So advice for current/future dental students: take advantage of these opportunities!


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We had an amazing dinner for Yufei’s birthday last month at Acquerello. The restaurant had a pretty small dining room that had a very cozy and intimate atmosphere.


We were promptly seated and began the night with this little complimentary drink of orange juice, vermouth, and Pellegrino.


We also shared a glass of prosecco to kick off the night. I love it when restaurants are nice about sharing glasses of wine and even provide you with 2 half glasses.


Several amuse bouches followed. The ones in the front are arancini, fried rice balls coated with bread crumbs. They ones behind are puff pastry filled with cheese. They reminded me of the gruyère cheese gougères we had at Per Se and The French Laundry.


Another amuse bouche, a cauliflower budino. I really enjoyed this, it was so creamy and savory.


We also got bread with butter and sea salt. All this before we even got anything we ordered!


Finally we come to the food we actually ordered. Acquerello has a prix fixe menu where you can choose 3, 4, or 5 courses. We decided to just go for the 3 courses and it was definitely enough. For his first course, Yufei got the lamb shank agnolotti, Gaeta olives, nasturtium, garlic chips, and orange zest.


I chose the sunburst squash and bell pepper gazpacho, strawberry granita, toasted walnuts, and basil. It was very light and refreshing.


Yufei’s main course, Snake River Farms New York steak, English peas, pea tendrils, confited clams, and lemon purée.


My main course, Sea bream with Lobster mushrooms trifolati, smoked trout roe, lemon, and tarragon.


And dessert! Yufei chose the flourless chocolate cake, eucalyptus custard, compressed blueberries, and black licorice gelato. It came with a birthday message and a candle!


My dessert, bourbon-caramel semifreddo, Amaretti crust, chocolate, and caramel sauce. I think we both liked my dessert better, it was truly fantastic. I could have licked the plate!


After we were done, we were presented with a little candy cart filled with candies, chocolates, macarons, and more. We were pretty full at this point, but how can you resist all these delicious-looking sweets?


We were definitely fully stuffed after this. They gave us a box of almond biscotti before we left, which was a nice gesture. This was definitely one of the best meals we’ve ever had. The food and service were both excellent, I highly recommend Acquerello for special occasions in SF!


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Day 1

Day 2 of our San Diego trip started with us getting a quick bite of breakfast at 7-11, and then it was onto the bus to take us to SeaWorld! We did most of the rides (except for the really kiddie ones).


The Skytower offered great views of the whole park and the surrounding areas:


We also saw almost all of the animal exhibits, like this cute beluga whale:


And this walrus:


And this turtle:


There was this cute duck couple walking around while we had lunch. The male was following the female the whole time. So adorable.


As for shows, we saw Blue Horizons:


And Sea Lions Live:


The sea lions were so cute and funny!

And of course One Ocean with Shamu! (Fun fact: I play Shamu during a skit in English class in grade 12. I cannot recall what the skit was about and why Shamu was in it.)


We stayed pretty much until the park closed and took a bus back to our hotel. By then it was getting pretty late and I was starving. Good thing Yufei booked a dinner reservation at Salvatore’s that night, since it happens to be our 4 and a half year anniversary.

Salvatore’s is a very nice Italian restaurant. We were seated next to the piano player and we really enjoyed the music throughout our meal. We were also given 2 glasses of complimentary Prosecco after we were seated! Such a nice surprise. Their bread was also nice and warm and crusty.


We shared an appetizer of tomato, avocado, and mozzarella cheese, which they actually put onto 2 separate plates for each of us (a nice touch):


For my main dish I ordered a linguini pasta with crab:


It was hearty and spicy and really yummy. Yufei got veal:


We were too full at that point for dessert, so our meal ended there. It was a wonderful dinner – great food, service, and ambiance!


Day 3

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Since getting our own apartment and not having to deal with school after graduating from college, I’ve been cooking and baking more than ever before. Even then though, I’m kind of a lazy cook. If the recipe requires too many complicated steps or asks me to buy too many ingredients that I would never use again, I probably won’t make it. Despite these limitations, I’ve tried and succeeded at a lot of new dishes over the past few months. If you’re like me and enjoy simple, delicious, and wholesome recipes, then you’re in luck! I’m going to share a few of my favorite things to make and eat lately (in no particular order).

1. Oven baked seasoned parmesan fries

These are so delicious and baking is a great alternative to deep frying. I don’t have all the spices specified in the recipe, but you can season these fries however you want!

2. Italian stuffed cabbage

I got this recipe from my friend Jin, and I’ve made it a couple of times already. Yufei really likes this dish too. They’re a little labour intensive to make, but I find it fun to make these cute little cabbage packages.


And they taste so good! Very homey and perfect for a cold day.


3. Peanutty turkey meatballs

I LOVE peanut butter. Kraft is my favorite brand but they only have them in Canada for some reason. Wahh. Sad face. Anyway, the recipe of course works with any kind of peanut butter. They get kind of crispy on the outside when baked, so good.

4. Mini apple pies

All foods are cuter when they’re tiny, right? These mini apple pies baked in muffin tins are no different. They’re actually kind of time consuming to make (especially if you want to make them all pretty like I do), but they’re so worth it! Best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!


5. Healthy portobello pizza

I would make these way more often if portobello mushrooms weren’t so darn expensive. I don’t know why I have a fascination with pizza dough alternatives (see my previous post on this subject), maybe because I love pizza but am trying to eat healthier? Anyway, these portobello “pizzas” are so delicious. I skipped the leek in the original recipe and added some Italian sausage, but you can use whatever topping you like.

6. Frosting without powdered sugar

I baked cupcakes (ok so I cheated and made them from cake mix – but they were on sale!) and wanted to make a simple frosting without using powdered sugar, which I didn’t have. I found this recipe that uses regular granulated sugar, flour, butter (I replaced it with margarine), milk, and vanilla. It was easy to make and tasted pretty good! I think it tasted even better the next day for some reason. The texture and flavor were just better.


I also don’t have a piping bag so I did the old ziplock back with a corner cut out trip. Turned out pretty good, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these recipes! Let me know if you try any of these! They’re all tested by me for their simplicity and deliciousness. If you want more recipes like these, follow my recipe board on Pinterest! I only pin stuff that I would actually consider making, so anything on my board passes my criteria for lazy yet health-conscious chefs. Happy cooking!

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Thursday, 02/09/2012
Lunch at Tbar Steak & Lounge

Yufei and I decided to get lunch here before Restaurant Week ended! Tbar was a cute little place on the UES with lots of green in its decor which I loved. Highlights from the meal:

My cauliflower soup:

My Irish grilled salmon:

Yufei’s fillet mignon:

Desserts – chocolate mousse for Yufei and and banana parfait for me. The banana parfait was amazing! Definitely the best part of the meal:

Overall it was good experience, but I don’t know if I’d come back it it weren’t Restaurant Week. Although if I’m ever in the neighborhood, I would consider dropping by just for the banana parfait!

Saturday, 02/11/2012
Brunch at Le Monde

A French restaurant near campus with really great brunch food (their dinner is okay but not as good as brunch in my opinion). I had an eggs Benedict and Yufei had the country breakfast:

Saturday, 02/11/2012
Dinner at Gente

I had a voucher for Gente so we decided to go there for an early celebration for our 40 month anniversary and Valentine’s Day. The voucher was for a 4 course meal with wine pairings, which was great. We both got the tasting plate to start, which included a mini pizza, bruschetta, sliced beets, buffalo mozzarella, tomato and aged parmigiano:

And it came with prosecco:

Next came the pasta, and I got the shrimp and asparagus risotto and Yufei got Kobe meatballs with angel hair pasta (pictures weren’t so great so I won’t post them), and they were paired with pinot grigio.

Then for the entree, I got the sea bass and Yufei got the veal Milanese. This was my least favorite course; kind of wish I had gotten a chicken dish instead. But the Sangiovese chianti it was paired with was delicious.

And lastly, for dessert, I got the tiramisu and Yufei got the pineapple carpaccio with blood orange sorbet:

Overall great meal – loved the wines, the food was good, the dessert was excellent!

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