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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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I seriously LOVE living in the Bay Area – there’s just so much to do here no matter what you’re into! Here I’ll be sharing some of the fun stuff we did last fall and winter.

Treasure Island Flea Market

A fun place to check out local artisans and grab some food at food trucks! It’s held on the last weekend of every month and entry is $3.

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Cat Town Cafe

A cat cafe in America?! I knew I had to go when I first found out this place was opening in Oakland. The place is pretty small and we needed reservations when we went last year. There’s a cafe area where you can buy drinks and snacks, and a separate play room with the kitties. A must visit for cat lovers!

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Twitter Holiday Party at the Exploratorium

We had been to the old Exploratorium back when it was still at the Palace of Fine Arts, but last year’s Twitter holiday party was held at their new location at Pier 15, so it was the perfect chance to go check it out!

297. 10696241_10152923312934834_1839442391056855195_n

All the exhibits were open but we didn’t have time to hit up everything with so many people there. Plus, there were delicious food to be had and drinks to be drunk, even ones made by the robot bartender:

302. 10846484_10152923313199834_7374385978701034318_n

Will have to revisit some day soon!

Sonoma Coast State Park

I am absolutely in love with the California coast, and there’s no better place to see it in all its glory than this gorgeous park! Plenty of trails and beaches along a long stretch of the coast line.


Devil’s Slide

Another place to admire the beautiful Cali coastline! This one is very close to SF and is an urban “hike” along a stretch of highway that’s no longer in use. Pretty cool place to check out!


There’s also this cool abandoned bunker at the south end of the trail:



We went on a relaxing weekend trip to Calistoga last winter. We stayed at the Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort, which had several indoor and outdoor hot springs. We also paid for a couple’s mud bath that was very interesting! A fun way to rejuvenate.


We also visited a couple of wine tasting rooms, my favorite of which is the tasting room for Romeo Vineyards. The lovely garden setting filled with lights made for a very cozy and romantic evening!


We also went hiking at Bothe-Napa Valley State Park on this trip. There are some really nice trails and we hiked for 6 miles!


On the drive home, we couldn’t help it but stop and enjoy these gorgeous yellow flowers all along the road! Napa Valley is such a dreamy place.


Cartoon Art Museum

A fun little museum in SF! We had a Groupon or some other voucher for it so we went to check it out. I had actually been there once when I was visiting SF back in 2011, but they have different exhibits all the time so it was a whole new experience.



We went to Sausalito for brunch one morning and took a stroll to see the houseboats! Very quaint and charming.


I feel like I still haven’t really explored Sausalito very much (seems like we only ever stop there for food haha) so I would like to come back and explore the city some more some day!

Grizzly Peak

Gosh, this is such a magical place. Located in the Berkeley Hills, it offers a beautiful view of the Bay Area. It was cloudy in SF when we went, but you could see the tops of the buildings just peaking out from under the cloud covers, which made it look like the city was floating. I would absolutely love to go back when it’s clear, or to watch the sunset!



Hopefully this gives you some ideas for things to do in the wonderful Bay Area! There will be more posts like this coming soon because like I said, there’s no shortage of fun here!


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Even though spring quarter of D1 year was tough academically, I still had plenty of time to have fun outside of school to explore different places in SF and beyond. Here are some of the things I did!

The Walt Disney Family Museum located in the Presidio. It’s a really cool museum and you learn so much about Walt Disney’s life and legacy. They also have special exhibits with art from different Disney artists. Highly recommended for any Disney fan!



My dad, Yufei, and I went hiking in Tennessee Valley in Marin over Memorial Day weekend. We hiked all the way from the Tennessee Valley trailhead to Muir Beach – a hike that turned out to be much more physically demanding than we expected. There were so many ups and downs. But the views along the coast was incredible.



We had lunch at Pelican Inn once we got to Muir Beach.


After lunch, we took a much less scenic but much flatter and faster route back!

After we returned to SF from the hike, Yufei and I stopped by Baker Beach. It was our first time there and it was a gorgeous day for the beach.


The view of the Golden Gate Bridge is great!


Another weekend, another hike. This time we went to San Pedro Valley County Park. It got increasingly cold and foggy as we went higher and higher, so we eventually gave up and hiked back down before we reached the peak. The mountains did look very mystical in the fog though.


Then the sun came out unexpectedly near the end of our hike!


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Part 1

The next morning we got up early and got breakfast at the inn, then headed out to Point Lobos State Reserve. It was a gorgeous day and the coast was beautiful.



We saw a lot of wildlife, such as harbor seals, sea lions, and sea otters, in their natural habitat, which was really cool. After hiking around for a bit, we left and went to the nearby Gravity Garden, which was basically the garden of this artist who stacks rocks. It was pretty interesting.


After that, we got lunch nearby and went back to Carmel to explore the town a bit. It’s such a charming little place, full of quaint little alleyways and courtyards.


We also had a voucher from the inn for wine tasting at the tasting room of Schied Vineyards, so we stopped by for a tasting and bought a bottle.


Since we missed the sunset the day before, we made sure to go down to the beach early this time. Unfortunately, it was super cloudy and so we got another sunset fail. Oh well.


We rested for a bit back at the inn before going to dinner at Andre’s Bouchee, a little French bistro. We each got an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. I decided to get the appetizer special of the night of wild mushrooms, pine nuts, and artichoke hearts. It turned out to be a good choice because I loved this dish. It was so simple but so delicious.


Yufei got the cream of mushroom soup with white truffle oil.


For my entree, I got the grilled sea bass with lime and thyme sauce. This was a bit underwhelming after the great appetizer and was just ok.


Yufei’s ribeye was good though. (Side note – I still have never ordered a steak for myself. I always just steal bites of Yufei’s steak. I need to get myself a steak someday!)


For dessert, Yufei got the cream puff with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.


And I got the duo of crème brûlée, one vanilla and one chocolate. Both were amazing.


We ate every last bite of everything and were stuffed by the end of the meal.


It was a wonderful dinner to end a great trip!

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A few weeks ago Yufei and I drove out to South Lake Tahoe for my last trip before dental school! We stayed at Harvey’s, which is just past the CA/NV border. It was walking distance to the lake with this nice beach.


We went for a walk there on the first day and came back the next morning to do some kayaking.


I was stupid and brought my camera onto the kayak, and of course it got wet and malfunctioned. Luckily we had Yufei’s phone to take photos with (and my camera miraculously came back to life after drying off in the sun for the day).

After kayaking, we left the beach and drove towards Emerald Bay. It was a gorgeous day and the view from the vista point was beautiful.


We then parked the car and walked down the trail to Vikingsholm, where there was a small beach. The water was super clear but freezing cold, but that did not deter us from taking a dip. I went as far as my hips but Yufei was brave and just dove in (he might have regretted that decision after).


After we dried off in the sun, we took a little hike around the nearby trails. We discovered this rock (or “island” as Yufei calls it) not too far from the shore and we decided to wade over to it. It was so peaceful sitting there with our feet in the beautiful clear water.


We did some more hiking afterwards, and then drove back to the beach we were at in the morning. We grabbed some seats at the Lakeside Beach House and got some drinks while we took in this amazing sunset.


It was one of the most fantastic sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. the haze from the Yosemite fire was moving in, casting this soft glow over everything.

We were leaving the next day, but we stopped by another beach on our way out. The haze was still there and obstructed the view of anything too far away.


After that it was back to SF. It was sunny all the way until we hit Inner Sunset (of course). We had such a nice time at the lake and it was great to squeeze in one last getaway before I start school!

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