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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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I’m solidly into my D3 year now, but I guess it’s never too late to share some tidbits and highlights from D2 year at UCSF!

Presenting my poster for my summer research project at UCSF Research and Clinical Excellence Day 2014. It was my first poster presentation ever! Had a really great experience.


My dental frat family at the annual Delta Sigma Delta initiation dinner! We welcomed 4 new D1’s into the family. We’re a good looking bunch if I do say so myself.


Fun girls night in with classmates. We cooked fresh mussels that were harvested illegally on Ocean Beach earlier that day!


Group photo after doing dental education, screenings, and fluoride varnish applications at an elementary school in the Mission. For one of our classes last year, we went on 3 outreach events like this. Very rewarding even though we had to get up very early those days.


Halloween last year! A classmate and I dressed up as Kevin and Russell from the movie Up!


One of the best things I did last year was to join the board of ADEA (American Dental Education Association) at UCSF. I got to be a part of an amazing group of people and we put together so many great events. Here’s our board photo last year.


And here we are again at the annual High School Outreach Conference!


The theme of the conference last year was social media and we had this Instagram photo frame for the participants (and us) to take photos with!


Another student group I’m a part of at UCSF is the Chinese Health Professional Students Association (CHPSA). Here’s the board at the annual Chinese New Year celebration!


PaintNite with dental school friends!


Delta Sigma Delta family dinner!

IMG_2374 (1)

CHPSA dental outreach event in Chinatown!


Last year I had the honor of receiving a Craig Memorial Scholarship from Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU), the national dental honor society. Here I am with 2 of the other scholarship recipients in my class at the convocation dinner at the Cliff House.


And one more DSD photo: me with my big and little at senior dinner:


D2 year was definitely the best year in dental school! Not as much work as D1 year, much more free time, and before the stresses of clinic!


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It’s been a few weeks since D1 year ended and I think I’m finally ready to blog about it! The last quarter of the year was not an easy one but there were also plenty of fun moments.

In the beginning of May we had the annual DSD senior dinner, this year on a boat cruise around the bay!

Me and my amazing big sib Jenny:


D1 Delts!


It was such a fun night and the view of the city across the waters was beautiful. It’s really nice to have some of these moments to reflect on how lucky I am to live in a gorgeous city like San Francisco, to go to one of the best dental schools in the country, and to have met such incredible people here.


My friend Kathleen and I participated in the UCSF Science & Health Education Partnership this past year, where we went to kindergarten classes and taught the students science and health lessons in the past 2 quarters. Even though it was exhausting at times, it turned out to be a really great experience. We got these really cute thank you books from one of the classes after our final lesson (the students had wrote about what they learned from us, accompanied by some very creative illustrations).


As a member of the dental arm of the Chinese Health Professional Student Association, I volunteered for our very first dental outreach event in Chinatown this past quarter. We did screenings, exams, and fluoride varnish on a lot of the underserved population in the area. I was nervous about doing anything on an actual person who’s not a classmate, but I did just fine and it was such a rewarding feeling afterwards knowing that I even helped make the smallest difference in someone’s health. I can’t wait to help grow the outreach part of the organization even more next year!


Now, for some real dentistry (on fake teeth)! Gold full veneer crown on tooth #3:


Class II composite filling on tooth #30:


Gold onlay prep on tooth #30:


Finally, the last day of D1 year. It was a gorgeous SF day and we were so ready to celebrate after our last final. But first, we had to take a photo! This group of crazy kids kept me sane this year.

photo (3)

Celebratory drinks at Noir Lounge after a delicious dinner at Mazzat. Me with Kathleen and MyChi, my awesome clinic partners and wonderful friends.

photo (4)

After that we went to have dessert at Candybar. Can’t go wrong with food, drinks, followed by more food!

D1 year had been a total roller-coaster of a year, but at the end of it I’m really happy with everything: the knowledge and skills I learned, the people I met, and the new person I’ve grown into. OF course, I couldn’t have done any of it without the incredible support from my parents, my love Yufei, my new friends at school, and the faculty members at UCSF who gave their time to help me learn. I am full of gratitude as I reflect back on these past 9 months, and I’m eagerly looking forward to continuing this journey in D2 year.

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So here’s something I thought I’d never say: I joined a fraternity! To be more specific, I’m now a member of Delta Sigma Delta, the largest and oldest international professional dental fraternity. I learned very quickly that at UCSF, almost everyone joins one of the three frats on campus, not only for the social aspect but also because they offer a lot of academic help and support. So me and most of my close friends at UCSF joined Delts because they’re awesome.

We had our initiation dinner at L’Olivier about a month ago. It was so nice to see everyone dressed up all fancy after seeing them in scrubs all the time at school.




My Delts family! My big sib Jenny couldn’t make it that night, so here I am with my grand-big and great-grand-big, and my “cousin” (we share the same grand-big).


My extended family! It’s a pretty complicated family tree that I still haven’t quite figured out haha.


Notice Dr. Ho in the last photo. I talked about his absolutely amazing keynote speech at our white coat ceremony here, and I feel so proud and fortunate that Dr. Ho is a Delts member! Apparently everyone else also feels the same, which resulted in the photo below:


Dr. Ho with almost all the D1 Delts!

After dinner, a bunch of the D1’s went to the movies to see Catching Fire (which was awesome and so much better than the first movie). It was such a fun night!

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Note: Yay I’m finally done my first quarter of dental school! Now hopefully I will be able to catch up on all the posts I didn’t have time to write in the past couple of months.

So I turned 24 a bit more than a month ago (a.k.a. the time when we still had time to go out and weren’t buried in exams) and I got to celebrate with old friends and new. We went to Wish Bar & Lounge and had a great time.



We reserved a table for 16 people but what we got was definitely not enough. We did amass some more chair over the night so we mostly all had a seat. It was pretty crowded and loud on a Saturday night. The drinks were really yummy though! My favorite was the Afternoon Tea, which was made from St. Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and champagne.



Some of us went to Bootie at DNA Lounge afterwards, which is always fun. Thanks to all of my friends who came out for a great night!

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Since my last post, I have made it through graduation alive and relatively sane. Although all the worries and doubts from before were still there, I tried my best to focus on graduation for what it was: a celebration of the achievements of me and my peers over the past 4 years. It was a hectic and frenzied 3 days, but sitting among the sea of light blue in my own matching cap and gown, I was happy and proud to be graduating from such an amazing university and share the occasion with my family and friends.

I don’t think the fact that I won’t be returning to Columbia in the fall has quite sunk in yet, but hints of nostalgia are already beginning to peak above the surface from time to time. But with so much change on the horizon I’m forced to look forward and not back. Right now I’m back home for a bit, before moving to San Francisco on June 9. So I’m busy looking for jobs and apartments and procrastinating on my dental school applications. I know I’ve said this for just about everything this past year, but I’m both scared yet excited about all this change. Look forward to more posts about starting this new chapter in my life soon! But not before a post about Yufei and my post-graduation vacation to the US Virgin Islands!

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What’s more perfect for two broke college girls than free clothes, cosmetics, and food and drinks? Nothing! That’s what my friend Jin and I realized at Lulu’s Style Studio at NYFW last Friday night. The event was hosted by Lulu’s, a great website for trendy and affordable fashion finds (I’ve gotten a pair of oxfords and a great dress there myself). The event was held at the Openhouse Gallery in Nolita, a really cute little space that was made to look like an indoor park.

We received a tote bag at the door filled with some coupons and other goodies, and as we walked around, there were tables full of free samples from all the different sponsors of the event, from Pop Chips to Pop Beauty, Cravebox to NYX. There were also free drinks from Hpnotiq, chocolates, candies, cupcakes, and truffles.

They also had a prize wheel that we got to spin, and Jin and I both won jackets from BB Dakota!! Here’s me wearing mine the next day:

Everyone at the event was also invited to take home one Lulu’s item from five different style racks, and I decided on this bright blue peplum dress! Here I styled it with a wide black belt and black heels:

After sorting out all the goodies, we realized that we also get a free pair of shoes of our choice from Michael Antonio! I chose to get these booties, so excited to receive them!

We walked away from the event with over-stuffed bags a a huge fashion high. Such a good night! Here’s everything I got for free (shoes not featured):

Thanks to Jin for finding this fabulous event and asking me to go with her!

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I’ve been neglecting this blog for some time now, because soon after my birthday I freaked out and realized that my DAT was in less than 2 months (now more like 2 weeks)… so I’ve been very busy studying. And now it’s finals week and I’m dying because I have so many and they’re all worth so much of my grade. But I really don’t want to study anymore so I’m using this to procrastinate.

Here are some photos from my birthday dinner last month:

We went to Symposium, a tiny Greek restaurant (the photo on the website makes it look deceivingly large) near Columbia. It was the first time since I started college that I’ve been able to celebrate my birthday with a group of friends, and it was excellent! Great food, great sangria, great company. And the delicious strawberry mousse cake was from Artopolis.

22 is a rather unmonumental age, I must say. But that’s just fine with me. Turning 20 and 21 felt like such a huge deal that it made me nervous and agitated that I still hadn’t figured out my life. But I actually felt surprisingly okay with this last birthday. Maybe it’ shouldn’t be so surprising, since I finally do have some idea of where I want my life to go, even if I haven’t ironed out every wrinkle in my future plan yet. But I finally feel like I have a goal and am making progress, so that it no longer feels like time is passing me by. It’s a good feeling!

So right now I’m focusing on finishing finals (with decent grades, hoping for straight A- this semester, haha), then it’ll be onto the DAT, and then doing the pre-health application and other stuff for applying to dental school, and finding a job for both next semester and my gap year, all while enjoying my last semester in college! And then it’s onto the real world… but let’s not get too far ahead yet.

I probably won’t be back until after my DAT on Jan. 7, so I guess I’ll wish anyone who’s reading a very Merry Christmas, and see you in 2012!

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