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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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D2 has taken over my life and I apologize for not posting for the last month and a half… And there’s so much I need to catch up on. But that will have to wait for another day. So for now, just a quick post of my newest mani! I did this for my 25th birthday so I wanted something fun and sparkly.



For this look, I did 2 coats of e.l.f.’s Golden Goddess, which is a clear polish with gold sparkles that I usually use on top of other colors. Then I painted the tips of my nails with the gold glitter color in my Art Club striper kit. This created a kind of gold gradient that reminds me of fireworks or champagne. Very festive!




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Happy Labor Day everyone! I did this fun mani for the long weekend, which Yufei and I are spending in sunny LA.


I used 2 coats of e.l.f.’s Blush, a lovely rose gold color, then used strips of masking tape to make the pattern, then used 2 coats of Zoya’s Elodie on top.


It’s super simple to do, you can make all kinds of patterns, and it works with lots of different color combinations! Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend!

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This week I’m wearing this super cute and girly mani.



I used 2 coats of Zoya’s Jessika, a light sheer pink, and then layered e.l.f.’s Fairy Dust and Golden Goddess (1 coat each) on top.


The effect is neutral and subtle from far away but shines and glitters like crazy when up close (the photos don’t do it justice!).

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This is from a couple of weeks ago when I did my nails for the UCSF formal to match my dress. The color is Dark Navy from e.l.f. It’s a really nice deep blue color that’s almost black, with subtle shimmer.



Gorgeous color for the colder months!

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Sharing my 2 latest nail colors. I love darker jewel tones for winter. First up is Chanel’s Bel-Argus. I picked this color from the salon that Jenny (my big sib from Delts) and I went to. They had a bunch of Chanel polishes (fancy!).


It’s a shimmery medium blue color, very pretty and perfect for the holidays. It was a pretty durable too and it lasted me more than a week with minor chips.

Now I’m wearing e.l.f.’s Party Purple, a deep purple with subtle shimmer.



I wish it was a little bit lighter since it’s hard to notice the purple color under certain lighting. Maybe I should try layering it over a brighter purple?

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Ahhh no time to blog during dental school! A quick mani post – I did this simple design for my birthday last weekend!



The colors I used are Blush and Metal Madness from e.l.f. They work really well together to create a very luxe look.


For the V-shapes I simple used masking tape as a kind of stencil. Really quick and easy!

I will hopefully catch up on my posts over Thanksgiving – lots to write about but also lots of exams coming up over the next few weeks!

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I saw this cute and simple nail tutorial on Bubzbeauty the other day and decided to try it for this week.



I decided not to do the additional polka dots on the upper half of the nails to keep it simple. This was a really easy nail look to do especially since you didn’t have to worry about the cuticles. Also it wouldn’t show if your nails grew out! The colors I used are Wednesday from Zoya and Blue Jeans from e.l.f.

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