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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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Woohoo! First What I Wore post in SF! Several things to note about this outfit:
1. I love pairing colorful cardigans with more neutral, muted colors (as well as the reverse – neutral cardigan to tone down a colorful top. I just love cardigans I guess).
2. Bright kelly green goes really well with navy.
3. I’m in love with ankle boots right now. They look great with cuffed jeans!

Tank top from Banana Republic, cardigan from H&M, old jeans, ankle boots from Taget, bag from Payless, glasses from Tiffany & Co, old necklace, tiered trench coat from eBay (similar to a Burberry one I obsessed about a couple years ago)

PS: Sorry about the bad lighting, it’s hard to find a good time/spot in the apartment that has good natural light!


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A thrifted winter business casual outfit.

Silk horse print blouse by Club Monaco from Buffalo Exchange, grey pleated skirt from Goodwill, black tights, black flats from Payless, Navy tiered coat by BB Dakota from Modcloth.

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Last Sunday, Yufei and I took a day trip to the village of Cold Spring via the Metro-North Railroad. We had planned to go on Saturday, but the sky decided to give us snow that day, so we went on Sunday instead. There was still snow on the ground, and the whole place was out of power. We didn’t know that before we went, and most of the businesses were closed so we had limited lunch and shopping options, but it was still lovely to get out of the city and breathe some fresh air!

Fall leaves and snow all at once!

The Hudson!

PS: Yes, this is the coat of my dreams!

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Guess who will soon be the proud owner of 2 pieces of Robin Scherbastky inspired clothing? Oh yeah, this girl right here. And if my site stats are correct, then I’m far from the only person who has been searching for these items. So, being the kind soul that I am, I’m going to share these incredible finds with you!

The first one if the coat. THE coat. The beige tiered Burberry trench coat that Robin wore on the episode Last Cigarette Ever of season 5 of HIMYM. The coat that I’ve been obsessed with for the past year and a half. Need a reminder of what it looks like? Here it is:

To die for, right? So obviously we can’t all afford Burberry, but Anthropologie happened to make a knock-off version of their own:

BUT! It was still very expensive (around $200) and by now it’s long sold out. But then! Guess what I found last week? An eBay knock-off of the Anthro version! Ha! Who would’ve thought! And it looks pretty much exactly like it:

And so I knew I had to buy it! And you can too here, for less than $80. I know I already bought this tiered winter coat, but I didn’t even dream of ever finding an affordable trench version back then, and now here we are! Very happy right now.

Alright, onto item number 2: the royal blue one shouldered Nanette Lepore dress Robin wore in the season 6 episode Natural History:

I’ve already researched and found some options for this dress, and even bought one of them, but now I’ve found my favourite in my search on sale! The Ciara Dress by Coast is beyond gorgeous:

But it was sold out at the time I found it, but now it’s back and on sale here. And I’m sharing this with you even though I bought it at a higher price than it is now (an incredible $70) and am a little upset about it. Because I’m just so nice.

I’m not there to receive my packages right now so it’ll be September before I actually get to try on either of these things, but I am very excited. Fingers crossed that they fit me!

Please leave a comment if you found this post useful and if you end up buying either of these items and let me know how you like them!

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Okay, I think I’ve written enough about a certain tiered trench coat worn once by a certain Robin character on a certain TV show on this blog now, so I won’t even bother to link all my previous posts (just search “coat” and you’ll find them). After missing out on the Athropologie Two Path Trench earlier this year, I was seriously regretting not getting it. It is sold out absolutely everywhere, even eBay has only a size 14 at the moment (I’m still on the watch for it). By the way, if anyone, ANYONE, knows where I can get one, please let me know.

Anyways. So. Another find. This time, it’s not a trench, but a winter coat. But guess who has been looking for a long, warm winter coat lately? This girl right here. So when I saw this tiered BB Dakota coat on Modcloth today, I seriously started hyperventilating.

I wanted to add to cart, check out, fill in my shipping and billing info right then and there! But, being the smart shopper that I am, I decided to check out if it was being sold anywhere else. And indeed, there were quite a few other sites that had it. Hmmm… now I just need to decide if I should invest my hard earned money in it! What do you think?

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As you may have noticed, I have written many, many, many, many blog posts about the fabulous tiered trench coat that Robin from How I Met Your Mother has worn on the show this season. The epic quest to find it and its imitations has lead me to another treasure – this cute little coat from Ruche:

The ruffles don’t go all the way around the back though:

I still think it’s pretty cute.

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Robin’s tiered trench coat just will not go away. Here’s one from Anthropologie:

Oh my god I wish I could own it. But from some of the reviews it seems that it may not fit well for a petite like me… oh well it’s not like I have $200 to blow on a coat anyway. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll go to a store in NYC to try it on.

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