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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

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Yesterday was the last day of D1 year!! I can’t believe the first year of dental school is over… it feels so surreal. Anyways, more recapping and reflection will be in a later post. For now, I just wanted to share my outfit for the day. It was a rare warm sunny day and I knew we were going out to celebrate after our last final, so I dressed up a bit.


Jack by BB Dakota dress from Crossroads, H&M flats from Crossroads, cardigan from Old Navy, bag from China, necklace gifted by a friend.


Bag from Body Central.

I love picking one main piece with lots of colors, like this dress, and then adding other pieces to the outfit by picking certain colors from the first piece. I tried 2 different bags with the outfit, and I chose to go with the pink one because it was large enough to carry my light sweater for when it gets colder at night. I can’t wait for more warm days to wear summer clothes!


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Woohoo! First What I Wore post in SF! Several things to note about this outfit:
1. I love pairing colorful cardigans with more neutral, muted colors (as well as the reverse – neutral cardigan to tone down a colorful top. I just love cardigans I guess).
2. Bright kelly green goes really well with navy.
3. I’m in love with ankle boots right now. They look great with cuffed jeans!

Tank top from Banana Republic, cardigan from H&M, old jeans, ankle boots from Taget, bag from Payless, glasses from Tiffany & Co, old necklace, tiered trench coat from eBay (similar to a Burberry one I obsessed about a couple years ago)

PS: Sorry about the bad lighting, it’s hard to find a good time/spot in the apartment that has good natural light!

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You might have noticed that I haven’t really done any outfit posts since my move to SF. This is due to several reasons. One, I don’t really have much reasons to go out most days, so I get lazy and just lounge around in leggings and t-shirts and sweaters all day if I know I’m going to be in the apartment most of the day. Two, the weather, climate, and geography in SF is really hard to dress for. It can be freezing in July and hot in October. It could be bright and sunny in one neighborhood and foggy and cold in another. It’s nice and warm in the afternoon but windy and chilly at night. And the hills make comfortable shoes really important. Many days I just find myself unable to come up with a reasonable outfit for the day. Other days I end up grabbing another layer or a scarf that doesn’t match the rest of my outfit right before I leave. So I haven’t quite gotten the hang of dressing appropriately for this city yet. I’ll get there someday.

That said, here are a couple of the outfits I have managed to capture on camera. This was on an unseasonably warm day in July:

Vintage top from mom’s closet; silk maxi skirt, belt, and sunglasses thrifted from Goodwill; sandals from Aldo; necklace that’s actually a watch from Disney

This is a more typical summer outfit:

Sweater from my aunt; dress/tunic from store in Canada; leggings from Seductions; Bucco boots; bag thrifted from Goodwill; free sunglasses from college career fair

Now that it’s fall and the weather should stabilize to a certain degree of coolness, I hope I can have an easier time dressing. Fall is actually my favorite season for fashion; I just love boots, jackets and coats, scarves, and sweaters. So hopefully I will be doing more outfit posts soon!

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Stripes and floral tiered dress, dark gray cardigan, black wool tights, brown motorcycle boots from Charlotte Russe, white flower earrings, and heart-shaped pocket watch necklace from Disney.

Drink something hot on this snowy day! Stay warm everyone :)

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Looking rather prim and proper :)

White lace cami from China, beige cardigan from H&M, grey corduroy skirt by Chipie from eBay, black wool tights, black wedges by American Eagle from Payless, necklace from eBay.

I love this skirt! It’s so cute and versatile. And the necklace… well, I really loved this necklace from Modcloth, but couldn’t justify spending more than $30 with shipping on a necklace. So I did what I always did, try to find a substitute on eBay. And I found it! And I have to say a few words about the shoes. I think these are my most favorite shoes ever. I got them like 4 years ago… and they’re getting worn now, but I still love them to death. I wish Payless still carried them, I would buy at least 2 more pairs.

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Layers! Navy cape style jacket from Pink Martini, beige cardigan from H&M, stripes and floral contrast tiered dress, light grey leggings, dark brown motorcycle boots from Charlotte Russe, layered hearts necklaces from Forever 21.

I love these new boots! The harness detailing is so cute.

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… If it weren’t so darn rainy and cold outside.

Dress from raiding my aunt’s closet years ago, cardigan from H&M, knee high socks from Ardene, grey oxfords from Lulu’s.

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