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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

Monthly Archives: October 2013

Ahhh this post is way overdue! School work really picked up and I haven’t had time to blog at all, and I have a lot more stuff to post, but I thought I’d briefly finish up my orientation posts first. Enjoy!

Monday, Sep. 23

Even though it was still technically orientation, BMS (biomedical sciences, the biggest and most demanding course of D1 year) waits for no one. We had our first lecture on early human development in the morning, followed by a couple of biomaterials lectures after lunch that went way over everyone’s head. After that, there was a RCO (registered campus organizations, i.e. clubs) fair and chancellor’s reception in the gym. It was open to all the different schools at UCSF and all the different clubs had booths that we could visit and get more information. There was also a lot of really good food and drinks (alcoholic ones too!). They even had a photographer, from whom we got this gem:


James and Alex in the back really made this photo!

Tuesday, Sep. 24

Nothing too much this day. More BMS lecture in the morning, followed by some more informational presentations. In the afternoon we had our group presentations that we were assigned last week. Then more presentations from RCO’s exclusive to the dental school.

Wednesday, Sep. 25

Last day of orientation! We got all of our instruments today! There was about 6 huge boxes of stuff waiting on our benches in the sim lab when we arrived. Now we know why our education is so expensive.


It was a really long and tedious process checking every single item we got and organizing it all in our tackle boxes and lockers. Luckily there were a lot of D2’s to help us out. Still it took almost the whole day to finish everything. With that, orientation came to an end and our real life in dental school began!


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