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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

A few weeks ago Yufei and I drove out to South Lake Tahoe for my last trip before dental school! We stayed at Harvey’s, which is just past the CA/NV border. It was walking distance to the lake with this nice beach.


We went for a walk there on the first day and came back the next morning to do some kayaking.


I was stupid and brought my camera onto the kayak, and of course it got wet and malfunctioned. Luckily we had Yufei’s phone to take photos with (and my camera miraculously came back to life after drying off in the sun for the day).

After kayaking, we left the beach and drove towards Emerald Bay. It was a gorgeous day and the view from the vista point was beautiful.


We then parked the car and walked down the trail to Vikingsholm, where there was a small beach. The water was super clear but freezing cold, but that did not deter us from taking a dip. I went as far as my hips but Yufei was brave and just dove in (he might have regretted that decision after).


After we dried off in the sun, we took a little hike around the nearby trails. We discovered this rock (or “island” as Yufei calls it) not too far from the shore and we decided to wade over to it. It was so peaceful sitting there with our feet in the beautiful clear water.


We did some more hiking afterwards, and then drove back to the beach we were at in the morning. We grabbed some seats at the Lakeside Beach House and got some drinks while we took in this amazing sunset.


It was one of the most fantastic sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life. the haze from the Yosemite fire was moving in, casting this soft glow over everything.

We were leaving the next day, but we stopped by another beach on our way out. The haze was still there and obstructed the view of anything too far away.


After that it was back to SF. It was sunny all the way until we hit Inner Sunset (of course). We had such a nice time at the lake and it was great to squeeze in one last getaway before I start school!


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