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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

Days 1&2

The next day we went to the beach in the morning, had lunch, and then set out to walk along the beach to the nearby town of Bucerias. It was a longer walk than we expected, but we stopped along the way for an hour-long massage at the beach. It was so amazing to get a full-body massage with the crashing waves of the ocean in the background. After this unplanned but totally welcomed stop, we eventually made it to Bucerias. There was a cute little market place with stalls and shops selling all kinds of souvenirs, and lots of hokey paraphernalia, which I found hilarious (I guess there are a lot of Canadian tourists here). You can see some of them in the lower left corner of this photo.


We also got this really tasty drink that kind of tasted like a virgin pina colada in a little store. We had no idea what it was but it was so good that we got another one before leaving to go back to the hotel


We also sat on the beach for a bit to watch all the kite surfers in the ocean.


Then we decided to take a taxi back instead since the walk was actually quite long. We got back in time for dinner at Sir George, the gourmet restaurant. It was really nice inside, with chandeliers and nice furniture.


The presentation of Yufei’s main course (I forgot what it was, probably some kind of steak) was quite creative.



After dinner we sat by the beach for a while just enjoying the night, while I got devoured by mosquitoes. Yufei, on the other hand, was totally fine, shielded by the mosquito trap that is me. I totally forgot to pack bug spray for this trip and I got bitten so badly. Never making that mistake again!

Day 4


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