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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

Monthly Archives: May 2013

Day 1
Day 2

Our last day in San Diego! We checked out of our hotel and left our bags with them before heading to the San Diego Zoo. We got there right at opening time to beat the crowds. We headed straight to the panda exhibit since one of the biggest reasons I wanted to visit San Diego was to see the panda cub Xiao Liwu. Unfortunately, the little guy was all curled up high in a tree, sleeping. So all we saw of him was this little black and white fur ball between the branches.


But his mommy Bai Yun was right up front and was super cute and cuddly while she chewed on bamboo.


Then my camera’s battery died halfway through our day since I forgot to bring my charger, so I had limited photos from the zoo. Oh well.





Has anyone ever actually seen a koala who’s awake?! They’re always sleeping whenever I see them at zoos!


The orangutans were really entertaining to watch!


After the zoo we picked up our bags from the hotel and took the bus to the airport and ended our trip in San Diego. We had a lot of fun during our short time there! We’re slowly but surely working our way through different places in California :)


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Day 1

Day 2 of our San Diego trip started with us getting a quick bite of breakfast at 7-11, and then it was onto the bus to take us to SeaWorld! We did most of the rides (except for the really kiddie ones).


The Skytower offered great views of the whole park and the surrounding areas:


We also saw almost all of the animal exhibits, like this cute beluga whale:


And this walrus:


And this turtle:


There was this cute duck couple walking around while we had lunch. The male was following the female the whole time. So adorable.


As for shows, we saw Blue Horizons:


And Sea Lions Live:


The sea lions were so cute and funny!

And of course One Ocean with Shamu! (Fun fact: I play Shamu during a skit in English class in grade 12. I cannot recall what the skit was about and why Shamu was in it.)


We stayed pretty much until the park closed and took a bus back to our hotel. By then it was getting pretty late and I was starving. Good thing Yufei booked a dinner reservation at Salvatore’s that night, since it happens to be our 4 and a half year anniversary.

Salvatore’s is a very nice Italian restaurant. We were seated next to the piano player and we really enjoyed the music throughout our meal. We were also given 2 glasses of complimentary Prosecco after we were seated! Such a nice surprise. Their bread was also nice and warm and crusty.


We shared an appetizer of tomato, avocado, and mozzarella cheese, which they actually put onto 2 separate plates for each of us (a nice touch):


For my main dish I ordered a linguini pasta with crab:


It was hearty and spicy and really yummy. Yufei got veal:


We were too full at that point for dessert, so our meal ended there. It was a wonderful dinner – great food, service, and ambiance!


Day 3

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