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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

This is not so much a real DIY project as a simple way to refresh and update some shoes that might have marks and scuffs on them. I got these cute pewter wedge sandals from Target last summer, but after a season of wear they now have these little scuff marks on the heel area. This might not bother most people, especially since you can’t really see them when worn, but they really bug me for some reason.


So I thought, why not cover up the scuffs and also make these shoes a little more interesting with paint? And thus this project was born!

Project: color block sandals
Difficulty level: easy

Step 1: Gather your materials. You need masking tape, acrylic paint in your choice of color(s), acrylic medium (optional), a paint brush, and a container for mixing paint. Also cover your work surface with newspapers or something so you don’t accidentally get paint on it.


Step 2: Use masking tape to cover the areas around where you plan to paint.


Step 3: Paint your shoes! I decided to keep the neutral look of the sandals so I used black, but you can use any color you want. These sandal already kind of have different block areas, so I just painted the heel part and on of the straps at the front.


Step 4: Let the paint dry and paint another coat if you want. Take off the masking tape when the paint is completely dry and that’s it!


Now I have a pair of new-looking sandals! I can’t wait to wear these babies for another season.



This is a really simple way to refresh a pair of old shoes. You can do this with flats, heels, wedges, anything really. And you can use masking tape to block off areas to paint (you can paint the heel or even make a cap-toe) or ever create cool geometric patterns. The possibilities are endless!


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