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Monthly Archives: March 2013

This is not so much a real DIY project as a simple way to refresh and update some shoes that might have marks and scuffs on them. I got these cute pewter wedge sandals from Target last summer, but after a season of wear they now have these little scuff marks on the heel area. This might not bother most people, especially since you can’t really see them when worn, but they really bug me for some reason.


So I thought, why not cover up the scuffs and also make these shoes a little more interesting with paint? And thus this project was born!

Project: color block sandals
Difficulty level: easy

Step 1: Gather your materials. You need masking tape, acrylic paint in your choice of color(s), acrylic medium (optional), a paint brush, and a container for mixing paint. Also cover your work surface with newspapers or something so you don’t accidentally get paint on it.


Step 2: Use masking tape to cover the areas around where you plan to paint.


Step 3: Paint your shoes! I decided to keep the neutral look of the sandals so I used black, but you can use any color you want. These sandal already kind of have different block areas, so I just painted the heel part and on of the straps at the front.


Step 4: Let the paint dry and paint another coat if you want. Take off the masking tape when the paint is completely dry and that’s it!


Now I have a pair of new-looking sandals! I can’t wait to wear these babies for another season.



This is a really simple way to refresh a pair of old shoes. You can do this with flats, heels, wedges, anything really. And you can use masking tape to block off areas to paint (you can paint the heel or even make a cap-toe) or ever create cool geometric patterns. The possibilities are endless!


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It’s about time I did a quick update about the status of my dental school apps. Since I last posted on the subject, I’ve decided to put my deposit down for UCSF. I’ve been wait-listed at Harvard, and rejected by Columbia (no love from the alma mater). I’m really excited about UCSF though, and I’m very happy with my choice. I think of all the interviews I went on, UCSF left me with the best impression. I think the program is a good fit for me and I can’t wait to start in September. I’m not holding out for Harvard, but if a miracle happens and I get in, I’m really not sure what I’ll do. But for now I’m happy just focusing on moving things forward with UCSF.

Now, for the real subject of this post. Ever since I decided to go into dentistry, I’ve been on the look out for teeth-related things. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think teeth-shaped stuff are actually pretty cute. They make awesome home accessories, like these salt and pepper shakers:


Or this cookie jar:


Or this toothbrush holder:


Am I right? So cute. In addition to home decor, they also make for cute and unique jewelry. Like this cool necklace:


Or these new earrings that I bought a few weeks ago:



They also come in gold:


How awesome are these? Such unique pieces sure to be conversation starters. I can’t wait to add to my collection of teeth-related items in the future!

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I have always loved reading. But reading for pleasure had become a thing of the past during my 4 years of college. Honestly, the only books I remember having read just for my personal enjoyment was the Hunger Games series, which I read over the summer before senior year. However, since I graduated and have been working only part-time over the past half a year or so, I suddenly found myself with more free time than I have had in years. And what else to do with all this time but read for pleasure?

I really began to read a lot since I found out that I can borrow free Kindle books from the San Francisco Public Library through Overdrive. What an amazing thing! I love my Kindle, but I didn’t always like having to pay to get e-books. I’m also a huge fan of libraries, so I was so happy when I found out that I can borrow e-books from the library. Of course, the library doesn’t have all the books I want to read, or they might not have it in the e-book format, but they have a pretty great collection going! So far I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction (ha, maybe college did change my reading preferences after all), including a lot of Malcom Gladwell and Oliver Sacks. Right now I’m working my way through Susan Cain’s Quiet and really enjoying it so far.

It feels amazing to read for pleasure again. I had forgotten how good it feels to curl up with a good book in bed at night (or all day for that matter). I hope that even when life gets busy again in the near future, I will find time to read. Not for school, not for work, just for myself.

What good books have you read recently? Any recommendations for me?


A few weeks ago, Yufei and I had a wonderful dinner at Pasion, a Latin American restaurant on Irving Street. I have ridden the train past Pasion countless times on my way to work, and I’ve always been intrigued, so it was nice to finally go eat there. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere was cozy yet modern. A little after we were seated, we were presented with free jello shots. It turns out that they have different specials each day of the week, and Thursdays happen to be free jello shot night!

We started off with some drinks. I ordered a house sangria and Yufei got the Pasion colada mojito, but we ended up switching drinks because I loved Yufei’s cocktail. It had passion fruit puree in it and I’m a huge fan of passion fruit. It was just delicious. I liked it so much that I ended up having two of these throughout the meal. Just writing about it now makes me want to go back and have one right now!


We got an appetizer to share, a salad with dungeness crab, avocado, and potato. It was pretty good; I had my crab fix, haha.


Both of our entrees were fantastic. I took our server’s suggestion and ordered the grilled ahi tuna, with coconut risotto, sautéed spinach, pineapple chimichurri, and aji amarillo beurre blanc. It was so good. The fish was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The risotto was creamy and the pineapple give the dish a nice fresh kick. All the flavors and textures went really well together and it was such an indulgent and satisfying dish.


Yufei ordered the grilled estancia rib eye steak, with plantain chorizo hash, fried egg, cabrales demi glaze, and chimichurri. Can you tell he likes his protein? Haha. It had some of the steak and it was delicious. Yufei cleared his plate so I assumed that he liked it as much as I liked my entree.


Overall the meal was amazing. Loved the food and drinks, great service, and free jello shots. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again soon but the prices are a little expensive. But I definitely think that it’s worth the splurge once in a while!

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I find myself reverting back to nude nail colors once every so often, especially after a long stretch of time wearing brighter or darker colors. This week I’m sporting Frappe from Nailtini.



It’s a really pretty pale pink/nude, the perfect nude and professional color. I love how it looks with my skin tone. One downside is that the polish is pretty thin and transparent, and it took 4 coats to achieve the level of opacity that I wanted. However, I do love the result!

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Polka dots are such a cute and fun print for spring! I wanted to get some polka dotted jeans or denim shorts, but then I realized that it would be so easy for me to just make them myself. Doing full-length jeans was a little daunting, so I started with a pair of denim shorts I’ve had since high school. It’s a great way to breathe new life into such an old piece of clothing!

Project: polka dot denim shorts
Difficulty level: easy

Step 1: Gather your materials. All you need is a pair of shorts (or jeans or skirt or whatever you want to polka dot), a ruler, and a white paint marker. I used this one, which I got 2 years ago when I painted these sneakers for Yufei.


Step 2: Measure and start drawing dots! You can put a piece of cardboard or something under the fabric just in case the paint bleeds through to the other side. You only really need a ruler for the first row you’re doing. I made my dots 1 inch apart. After the first row, you can just eyeball it and make the next row of dots shift over so that you make little equilateral triangles between the dots.


Step 3: Keep dotting!


Step 4: You might want to go over the dots twice so that they show up better. Here you can see that the bottom half of the shorts have 2 coats of the paint, while the top only has one. It’s up to you; if you want a more faded look you can just leave it at one coat.


And that’s it! Now I just need the weather to cooperate so I can wear these cute shorts!



This is a very simple DIY project, though it could be a little time-consuming. I worked on mine off and on for about a day and a half. And there are a number of ways you can add the dots. I used a paint marker, but you can also use acrylic paint and a dotting tool (like the eraser end of a pencil) or even bleach pens.

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The weather in SF has been lovely and spring-like lately, so I chose this pretty spring mani for this week. I used Zoya’s Wednesday as the base color. It’s a beautiful minty turquoise/robin’s egg blue. Then I overlaid e.l.f.’s Fair Dust on top to give it some sparkly speckles.




What do you think? What spring nail looks are you excited about this year?

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