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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is having a good start to the new year! I was quite busy the past 2 weeks teaching SAT classes over winter break, so I haven’t had the chance to write new blog posts. Thank goodness that’s over now (today was the last day I am going to get up at 7am in a very long time).

My Christmas and new year were great! For the first time in over 4 years, I was finally able to spend the holidays with Yufei as well as my family, so that was wonderful. Here I will are some of the photos of the various holidays events.


This was at Twitter’s annual holiday party back in mid-December. It was San Francisco-themed and the space was set up with structures and booths representing different neighborhoods and places in SF. For example, the entrance was set up like the Golden Gate Bridge, and the ramps up to the stage looked like Lombard Street. The food stations were also neighborhood-themed, like this Chinatown one, which served up dumpling, ribs, and noodle salad. I thought the whole set up was really cute and creative!


A professional photo taken at the party.


They also had a photobooth!! So much fun!



Pretty holidays lights in Pacific Heights, aka the neighborhood of mansions of epic proportions that I dream of living in some day.


SF City Hall all lit up.


Not really holiday related, but Yufei and I went to Oakland for a night on Dec. 30, and we had this amazing view of SF from our hotel window. Doesn’t it look dreamy?


In Jack London Square in Oakland.


Christmas tree in Jack London Square.


New Year’s Eve. We went down to the bay to watch the fireworks and ring in the new year.


Looking back, 2012 has been quite a year for me. In no particular order, these are some of the biggest things that happened in the past 12 months:

– I graduated magna cum laude from Columbia.
– I moved across the country to SF and began living with Yufei.
– I aced my DAT, went through the dental school application process, and got accepted to some amazing schools!
– I traveled to many new places, including the US Virgin Islands and Las Vegas.

And just for fun, I looked up my new year’s post from last year to see how I did on my resolutions for 2012. Well, here’s the verdict:

1. To lose weight and stay healthy.
Well, I think I did ok. I kind of slacked off during the middle of the year but picked it up again in the winter. Definitely still need to work on it.

2. To take control of my finances.
I think I did pretty well on this one. I opened a savings account after I got a job in SF, and I even spent a whole month without shopping online (!!!).

3. To make an effort to dress up nicely everyday.
Ugh, total fail on this after moving to SF. Like I explained in this post, there have been some obstacles to dressing nicely since the move. But yesterday one of my students said that I looked “very New York”, which was encouraging!

4. To make the most out of my last semester in college.
Achieved! My last semester in college was awesome. Wish I could go back sometimes.

5. To keep a positive outlook, no matter where life takes me.
I think I have gotten a lot better at this actually. I read this advice last year and simple as it sounds, it actually works for me.

Looking forward to 2013, there are of course things that I want to accomplish. They’re not really resolutions per se, but just things that I hope to do. Here are a few of them:

– Work out more! I finally found something that works for me so I’m going to try to keep it up.
– Travel more! Especially since I will be starting dental school in the fall and won’t really have time to travel. So before school begins there will be one epic trip and many small trips to new and exciting places.
– Learn to play the ukelele. I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument and I love the sound of the ukelele. Yufei got me one for Christmas (along with a shiny new website) so I’m going to learn to play it.
– Learn to drive and get my driver’s license. Because it’s about time and I’m tired of the nagging from Yufei and my parents.
– Save up $10k for dental school. 65% there so far.
– Start dental school, do well, and make new friends!

2013 is going to be an awesome year, I can feel it! What are some of your biggest events/accomplishments in 2012? What are you looking forward to in 2013? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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