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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

So I haven’t talked about this before, but I made a deal with Yufei that if I get into Harvard and/or UOP for dental school, he would treat me to dinner at The French Laundry. Ever since I found out about and ate at Per Se, I’ve been wanting to go to The French Laundry. And now that we live in SF, it’s a lot closer and much more of a reality. I don’t find out if I get into UOP until Dec. 3 at the earliest, and Harvard even later than that, but I already got interviews at both schools and we are really excited to eat at The French Laundry, so as soon as I received my UOP interview, Yufei booked us a reservation in early December. We wil be having dinner there on Dec. 9, which is after Dec. 3, so I better get accepted at UOP or else it’ll feel like I didn’t earn the meal.

Anyway, so I am ridiculously excited about The French Laundry, and I’m starting to think about what to wear to dinner. I’ve always wanted to try Rent the Runway, so I think I will rent a dress from there for the meal. This is where I need your help! I’ve narrowed it down to these two dresses, and I need help picking one. Both are purple lace shift dresses (have to leave room in the tummy area for 9 courses!) and I love both.

Dress 1: Nannette Lepore Rustic Plum Lace Dress

Dress 2: Trina Turk Portrait of Elegance Shift

So here’s a little poll for you to cast your vote! I’d also love to hear your comments about either/both dresses, as well as suggestions for shoes and accessories to complete the outfit, so leave your thoughts in the comments!


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