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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Just a real quick post about my current object of desire. Remember when I was obsessed with Robin’s one-shoulder blue dress? Well, I thought I got over that phase but apparently not, because when I saw this dress I was reminded of it again!

It’s so beautiful! I love how the strap splits into 2 in the back too. Ahhhh really want it!


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It’s no secret that I love thrifting. More and more of my closet is starting to be taken up by pieces I thrifted, some of my most-loved clothes and shoes came from Goodwill, and I often catch myself putting together entire outfits composed of thrifted stuff. And while I will always love going to a good thrift store and hunt for great bargain pieces, I thought I’d also try a more high-tech approach to it. So I tried two websites – Twice and Copious – and I’m here to review them.

1. Twice

Twice is a site through which you can buy and sell gently worn clothes from higher-end and designer brands. They have a list of brand they accept, ranging from the Gap and J. Crew to Anthropologie and Theory. It’s definitely geared at a more grown-up, profesional audience. Right now they only buy and sell clothes (tops, dresses, jeans, pants, and skirts), no shoes or accessories.

I was most drawn to Twice for their buying procedure. I have tried selling to places like Buffalo Exchange, but never had much luck. Selling on eBay is a lot of work, with taking all the photos, posting a listing, shipping, etc. To sell on Twice, all you have to do it check a list of items you’re selling on the site, they give you an estimate for how much you’ll make, and then you get a shipping label. Then you just pack your clothes in a box, tape the label on it and drop it off at the post office. When they receive your clothes, they’ll send you an e-mail with which items they will buy and for how much, then you either accept or reject the offer. Anything they don’t take you can either have them shipped back to you for $5 or donated to Goodwill. So I picked out 5 things to sell last time and they accepted 4 of them. I sold a Banana Republic top, a Gap top, a the Limited top, a pair of Trina Turk pants, and I made $24. Would I have made more on eBay? Maybe. But it was SO EASY and it didn’t cost me a thing. I would definitely recommend Twice if you ever have nice, lightly-worn clothes you want to get rid of.

I have not yet tried buying yet, but I think I might soon. All the clothes are nicely photographed, with measurements clearly stated. It’s easily searchable by size, color, occasion, style, and brand. Prices are pretty reasonable too; a nice top from say Banana Republic or Ann Taylor goes for about $10-$20, lots of jeans for around $20, etc. If you’re just starting to build a professional wardrobe, this is a great place to start. If you are interested, follow this link and you will get a $10 gift certificate just for signing up:

2. Copious

I first signed up for Copious a while ago, I think back in the spring. I like to call it a fashion-centric eBay with a social media twist. I tried to sell a pair of shoes back when I first signed up but without success. So I kind of left for a few months, but then I saw the site featured in the November issue of InStyle magazine and I thought I’d come back for a look (there was also a promo code – I can’t ignore a good sale/discount!). Basically you sign up for an account, and you can buy and sell clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty stuff, etc. You can also “follow” other users and “love” different items (you know, all the standard social media stuff).

The thing I like about Copious is that you can basically raid someone else’s closet. If you find someone who’s your size and has similar style as you, then you’re in luck! The range of brands is much wider, everything from Forever 21 and H&M to Dior and Fendi. Prices are set by the users so lots of good bargains to be found. The downside to that is that the photos mich not be great quality and the description could be lacking, but you can always contact the seller for more info. Their search function could also use some improvement. And I wish there are ratings and reviews for sellers so I know I can trust them; right now you can only see if they’ve sold items before.

Selling on Copious is no different from eBay (maybe you target a better audience though), so I haven’t really tried selling since that first time. But I did end up buying something because I had that promo code. My experience was very positive, but that really depends on the seller. Anyway, try it out, you might find some real bargains on the site. And watch out for coupons and credit codes, they seem to give them out quite often (I believe there’s a discount for signing up too).

Readers, have you tried selling and buying secondhand online? What are your tips? Are there any other sites I should check out? I’d love to hear from you!

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You might have noticed that I haven’t really done any outfit posts since my move to SF. This is due to several reasons. One, I don’t really have much reasons to go out most days, so I get lazy and just lounge around in leggings and t-shirts and sweaters all day if I know I’m going to be in the apartment most of the day. Two, the weather, climate, and geography in SF is really hard to dress for. It can be freezing in July and hot in October. It could be bright and sunny in one neighborhood and foggy and cold in another. It’s nice and warm in the afternoon but windy and chilly at night. And the hills make comfortable shoes really important. Many days I just find myself unable to come up with a reasonable outfit for the day. Other days I end up grabbing another layer or a scarf that doesn’t match the rest of my outfit right before I leave. So I haven’t quite gotten the hang of dressing appropriately for this city yet. I’ll get there someday.

That said, here are a couple of the outfits I have managed to capture on camera. This was on an unseasonably warm day in July:

Vintage top from mom’s closet; silk maxi skirt, belt, and sunglasses thrifted from Goodwill; sandals from Aldo; necklace that’s actually a watch from Disney

This is a more typical summer outfit:

Sweater from my aunt; dress/tunic from store in Canada; leggings from Seductions; Bucco boots; bag thrifted from Goodwill; free sunglasses from college career fair

Now that it’s fall and the weather should stabilize to a certain degree of coolness, I hope I can have an easier time dressing. Fall is actually my favorite season for fashion; I just love boots, jackets and coats, scarves, and sweaters. So hopefully I will be doing more outfit posts soon!

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Alright, so you’ve heard me complain about my thick, wavy-ish, unruly, Asian hair a few months back, now it’s time for an update!

Not long after that post, I received my first dental school interview, and I knew I needed a haircut. So I did some research on Yelp and decided on a salon. I chose Sally’s Salon, a Korean salon in Japantown that advertised itself as an Asian hair specialist. Sounded promising. So after a dentist appointment in the same area I stopped by without an appointment. There was no wait. I was really nervous, but my hairstylist, Betty, was super nice and put me at ease immediately. And she spoke perfect English, which was awesome since communication is key when it comes to haircuts! I actually told her everything about my hair woes (basically a short version of my previous hair rant post). She, like all the other hairstylists who’ve worked with me, marveled at how much hair I had. But she reassured me that she’ll take care of me. She even said that my straightening job wasn’t actually that bad, it’s just that when hair gets to shoulder-length it naturally follows the curve of your shoulders and flip out a bit. That made me feel a lot better about it. I told her to thin out my hair, even out the layers, cut some long side bangs, and keep the length. I received exactly what I asked for. It was actually cray how much hair she cut off when you consider the fact that my hair stayed the same length. The price was reasonable too, $40 before tips. And they give their customers free bang trims! I felt really great after my haircut! Here’s how it looked on the day of the haircut:

Of course hair always looks great when you walk out of the salon after all the treatment, so I was still a little nervous about how it would look with a lack of all the styling. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! So since my haircut I’ve been fairly happy with my hair for a change.

In addition to a good haircut, there are a few more things I’ve found that helps keep my hair under control and looking good. The first is a good hair serum/oil. I’ve used Garnier Fructis’ Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum before, but I haven’t replaced the product after my last bottle got used up. I did like the results from before so I went and got another bottle. I put a little bit in my hair when it’s about half dry (I air dry my hair) and it keeps my hair smooth and shiny. And it smelled amazing!

I also bought a porcupine round boar bristle hair brush (I bought it here). It has a mixture of nylon and boar bristles. I usually just use a wide tooth comb for my hair, but I found that this brush gets my hair a lot smoother.

One more little tip which I’ve always done is to not wash your hair too much. Too much shampooing dries out the hair and makes coarse hair even dryer and unmanageable. But my hair is quite oily and it can start to look gross if I don’t wash it for 2-3 days. So I invested in a dry shampoo (this one) and I’ve been pretty happy with the results. It’s easy to use, gets rid of oiliness and flatness, and smells great.

So now it’s been more than a month after my haircut, and I’m still very happy with my hair. Here’s a very recent photo.

So to sum it up, to treat thick, coarse, stubborn Asian hair like mine, here’s what you need:
1. A good hairstylist who understands your hair.
2. A good hair serum or oil.
3. A good natural bristle or natural and synthetic hair brush.
4. Not too much washing and dry shampoo.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who has similar hair to mine. As always, please let me know in the comments if you have any other tips or products suggestions!

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So now that I finally have a kitchen of my own, I’ve been doing more cooking than I I ever have. In addition to making some of the stuff that are have been in my repertoire for a while, I’ve also been experimenting with lots of new recipes. Here are two twists on the always delicious pizza!

1. Cauliflower crust pizza

Ever since I saw this idea on Dr. Oz (I don’t watch it regularly, but I did used to watch it whenever I was back home from college to pass the time), I’ve been intrigued by the idea of substituting cauliflower for flour in pizza crust. So I found a recipe here and decided to try it. The result was pretty good!! The only thing was that the crust didn’t quite hold together, which is probably because I skipped the step of squeezing out the water from the cooked cauliflower since I didn’t really have any cheesecloth or anything like that. But the pizza itself was nonetheless very delicious (and healthy!).

2. French bread pizza

We had a bunch of French bread lying around and I had no idea what to use them for, so I decided to try to make pizza out of them. I stored them in the freezer since there were so many, and this recipe is perfect for frozen bread since I baked them anyway. The bread wasn’t quite a baguette; it was kind of fatter and shorter so instead of slicing the bread length-wise in half, I decided to just slice them up to get a better surface area to volume ratio. And then I drizzled some olive oil over the slices and sprinkled some garlic spice (love that stuff on almost everything).

And then just add cheese and toppings (I skipped on the sauce to get a lighter taste).

And bake! I didn’t really use any precise temperature or time… I think it was around 400F for about 10 minutes? Just make sure the cheese is metled and the bread is crispy. And viola! A super simple lunch or dinner dish.

Hopefully I will be posting more cooking and recipe posts from now on as I branch out even more in the kitchen. After all, I have a lot of Pinterest recipe ideas to go through!

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I had underestimated how painfully long the wait is after you submit your application for dental school. I got my AADSAS application and supplementals all in before the end of August, which is not super early but still reasonable. Then I heard back pretty quickly from NYU with an interview invite – yay! I scheduled it for Oct. 10, hoping that I would hear back from more east coast schools so I can make one trip, but alas, no such luck. There was no communication at all during the whole month of September. It got pretty depressing. But then on Oct. 4, I got a call from the University of the Pacific! I was ecstatic about my invite from them. Since then, still no news from the other schools, and I know that pre-December interview spots are probably all filled up by this point. But I have to say that I am very satisfied with my 2 interview invites (out of 6 schools applied to) and I would love to go to either NYU or UOP.

So I had my interview at NYU last Wednesday. I was very excited about my first trip back to New York since graduation. My friend Jin was kind enough to let me stay with her in her room in an apartment in Stuy Town, which is conveniently located near NYU. I had a very nice interview day; the interview itself was very relaxed and not stressful at all, everyone I met was friendly, and the students all seemed to like the school a lot.

The location of NYU is definitely a plus, and I would definitely be okay with living in New York for another 4 years. It’s strange, but as soon as I arrived in the city, it felt as if I never left at all. Taking the air train, the subways, walking on the streets, it all felt so familiar. I even surprised myself at how I just felt right at home, so much so that I got to my friend’a apartment a whole hour before I anticipated. But on the other hand, when I got back to San Francisco, I had a similar feeling of homecoming. I can only attribute this to my constant moving and my lack of a place I can call my hometown. Only the truly rootless can feel at home everywhere.

Anyways, so now I’m looking forward to my UoP interview in less than a month. I had visited the school last summer when I was staying with Yufei, after I first decided to go into dentistry. I really liked the school back then, and I’m even more excited about it now that I’m actually living in SF. I will do another update after my interview there!

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