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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

So I’m back from San Francisco now, but I’ve been too busy having a good time there that I still need to write about it, starting with the weekend after I arrived!

On Saturday, Yufei and I walked down to the water to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf after having a delicious dim sum lunch in Chinatown. The sea-lion-brities (cheesiest marine mammal related pun ever) were lounging by the water at Pier 39 as always, drawing a huge crowd of spectators:

We then dropped by the Mechanical Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf, which houses a huge collection of old-fashioned arcade games, music machines, photo booths, and the like, and it was super fun! I especially like how our photo booth pictures came out:

We then made our way to the USS Pampanito, a World War II submarine, and took a tour inside, which was pretty cool. Then we also went on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, where Yufei had fun operating (avoiding the word “pretending” here) the anti-aircraft gun:

And we had a nice view of the city on this gorgeous day (and the Pampanito’s right there too):

Then we took a stroll around the wharf and stopped for a quick bite at Sally’s Famous Fishwich. Regrettably, neither of us had the titular fishwich, because I really wanted the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl and Yufei is not the biggest fan of seafood and opted for the chickenwich. Both were delicious but I think I’ll have to come back for the fishwich sometime!

After that we hopped on a bus to Golden Gate Bridge, but by then the sun was gone and replaced by clouds and fog. Still, the bridge looked quite majestic:

Us on the bridge:

And that was it for Saturday! We went home and rested early because the next day we headed to Santa Clara on the Caltrain to go to California’s Great America! It was an amusement park plus a water park all in one, and we had a really great time there. I was too chicken to go on any of the really high thrill coasters (I just have some unresolved issue with being upside down, okay?), but I’m proud that I did go on the drop tower!

Another one of my favourite rides was the Centrifuge:

I could not stop laughing the whole time on that ride, partly because it was just really fun and partly because we were stupid and didn’t realize that with me sitting on the outside seat I would get pretty squished by Yufei once the thing started spinning and there was nothing we could do against the force.

The water park was also really fun and a great addition to the park. We really enjoyed going on all the different slides and the lazy river. I hadn’t been to a water park since about grade seven and I hadn’t realized how much fun it was until now! Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the day at the park, although the food and the lockers were expensive, the rides were great and the lines were not bad at all. More San Fran tales coming soon!


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