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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

I hadn’t planned on doing any shopping in Nashville, but who knew this place had an amazing designer discount store and a lovely little consignment boutique right near Vanderbilt? I may have a shopping problem but I just can’t help it when the deals are so good! I bought 4 things already (spent under $100 total) but I think I need to stop now; it’ll be hard though!

The designer discount store, UAL, is a treasure trove of goods from various designers at steep discounts. The store is a little crammed and it takes some time to find things that you like and fit you, but I like the hunting process and the people who work there are great. I found it by chance when doing some grocery shopping earlier this week and found these Trina Turk capri pants, originally priced at $216, for $16.99!

(Top from Tilly’s, shoes from Lulu’s, Bag from eBay.)

Then I just had to go back because I didn’t have time to look through everything, and I just had to get more stuff because I can’t help it. So today I bought a pair of $19.99 Serfontaine jeans that were originally $220 (my search for black denim that fits finally ends here) and a t-bags top that was marked down from $175 to $29.99.

Then today on my way to the post office, I passed by Clothing Xchnage, a little consignment boutique. I decided to take a look, and of course I had to find the prettiest pink floral dress from Ann Taylor LOFT that looks almost new and fits me perfectly for only $13. And so I bought it.

I’m very happy now because of my new clothes, but the ever shrinking room in my suitcase size and my bank account sure aren’t. So this is it for shopping in Nashville! Deep breath… it’ll be okay.


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