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Monthly Archives: May 2011

When I read the e-mail from my internship coordinator saying that the dress code for orientation was business casual, I almost panicked. Did I even pack anything that would be appropriate? I’d left all of my dress pants in New York, and I brought with me mostly casual summer clothing. So I looked through my suitcase and put together 3 outfits that I hope will be okay.


I think this is my favourite. I’m wearing a black cap-sleeve blouse from Delia’s, a black and white floral skirt I got in China, and black heels from Payless.


This one I think is a bit too much on the casual side… white shirt from China, navy and white floral shirt from Banana Republic, and black flats from Payless. I could throw my black blazer on top of it but really I think the weather would be too hot for that.


Pink button-down by Larry Levine, grey pants from Forever 21, and black heels from Payless. I feel iffy about this because the shirt is a bit too big and the pants are almost jeans (and they are skinny), but I think it will work.

I can probably put together a few more outfits with nicer tops + cardigans, but bottoms are still an issue. Anyways, what do you think? And I want to know how you dress business casual for hot weather! I’d love some new ideas!

P.S.: Leaving tomorrow bright and early! Nashville you better get ready for me!


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Is it really summer? It certainly does not feel like it here in Vancouver… the temperature has hovered around 13 degrees Celsius (which is… for all you Americans… hold on while I look this up on the Internet… 55 degrees Fahrenheit!) since I’ve been back, which is pretty frigid for late May of you ask me. So that’s one reason I’m really looking forward to going to Nashville on Monday (where it will be a sunny 34 C (92 F))!

Oh wait, I never did write about what I’m actually going to be doing for the bulk of my summer, did I? Aight. So. I will be in Nashville, TN for June and July for the Dialysis Clinic, Inc. Collegiate Medical Summer Internship Program (hereafter referred to as “my internship”). I will be serving as a counselor at Camp Okawehna, a week-long summer camp for kids with renal diseases, for the first week of June, and then I will be shadowing a doctor (or doctors? I’m not sure yet) and doing clinical research at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center until the end of July. I am super excited for all this!! So happy to finally do something other than bench research over the summer! And to be able to live in a new city for the third summer in a row! But this means that I will probably never spend a summer in NYC, which is regrettable.

After my internship ends, I will be heading to San Fransisco for about 2 weeks to visit Yufei, who will be interning there at Twitter (how cool is that?! And I don’t even use Twitter… I still think it’s awesome). Really excited for that as well! Since I LOVE San Fransisco and it’ll be cool to spend this much time there, and also because for the first time EVER I will actually be able to celebrate Yufei’s birthday with him in person! (Poor guy, I was always halfway across the globe in the past… sorry).

Then I will be heading back home for the second half of August, when hopefully it will be warmer. And I will be getting my wisdom teeth extracted! Woohoo! Sooooo excited… yeah… not really.

And then I’m going to be back in NYC for… senior year. Dear god it freaks me out just to type it. I cannot believe that I only have a year left at Columbia! Where did the time go? I’m at once filled with excited and fear at that thought… but that’s for a later post (maybe).

So there you go, my summer plans! I’m sure that I will be writing lots about my experiences and have a ton of pictures, so stay tuned!

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So, as you may have noticed… I’m Asian. Which means that I have typical short, straight Asian eyelashes. Which makes it very difficult to make them look curly, long, and luscious with anything. This has frustrated me for many years and has led to much not-so-successful experimentation with make-up. But I think that after so many trials, I’ve finally figured it out! Behold, before and after results with only 2 products:

Magical, right? So what are the 2 things I used? None other than the The Shu Uemura eyelash curler and the Imju Fiberwig mascara. The Japanese really know their stuff!

So here is my eye with nothing on. Lashes point straight out.

Step 1! The Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Sephora USA doesn’t carry it anymore, but it looks like you can still get it online. I got mine at Sephora in Canada. This curler is actually pretty awesome. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t crimp your lashes, and the curl actually lasts even without mascara (I curled my lashes then slept for 8 hours and by the morning they are still curly!).

You can already start to see a difference! Work the curler some more and this is what you get:

If I’m short on time in the morning, I would actually just rock this look. Really natural, but it makes your eyes look so much more awake! But with just a few more minutes… apply one coat of the Imju Fiberwig mascara. (What the hell, does Sephora not carry anymore this either?!)

I love this mascara… it really lengthens your lashes, doesn’t clump, gives a soft and feathery feeling to your lashes, and comes off with just warm water! I got mine on eBay, which is a lot cheaper, but make sure that it’s from a reputable seller. (The Shu curler, on the other hand, should not be bought on eBay – there is a lot of counterfeit ones and it just won’t be worth it). One coat is usually enough for me, and I find that additional coats tend to clump more, but if you want, feel free to add more coats. This is with 2 coats:

And there you go! So easy, right? It literally takes 5 minutes, but the results really are fantastic.

Bonus tips:

1. Some people complain that the Fiberwig doesn’t give enough volume, which I’m ok with, but if you want more volume, after one coat of the Fiberwig, add another coat with your favorite volumizing mascara (I like the CoverGirl LashBlast). Always Fiberwig first though! That way you get length first before volume, and it still washes off with just water since your lashes are coated directly with the Fiberwig.

2. A little squeeze with the curler midway through your day will refresh the curl in an instant! Just don’t overdo it or do it too hard, you don’t want to break your lashes when they’re already coated in mascara.

3. For a more dramatic look, false lashes are the way to go. I actually only use 1 piece of the false lashes each time: I cut it in half, and then use each half on each eye, with the side with the longer lashes on the outside of your eye (does that make sense?). This way they are not as likely to fall off and they will look more natural.

That is all! Woohoo for my first ever beauty post! I’m not a make-up expert by any means, but I hope you’ve found this helpful. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions!

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I still can’t get over how completely amazing that scene with Barney and Robin in the back of Ranjit’s car was in the season 6 finale of How I Met Your Mother… sigh… I haven’t been such a fangirl in a really long time! And what do I do when I’m fangirling over anything? I do fanart! So behold:

I had to draw this tonight!! Pretty happy with the result too :) Larger image at my DeviantART.

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So I’ve been home for a few days now, and it’s been pretty good so far. For starters, I did way better in my classes this semester than I expected, especially orgo II; I’m pretty proud of my comeback after the disaster that was orgo I last semester (worst grade ever at Columbia… shame). But yay! I’m very happy about my grades. And now I’m officially a senior! Oh wait… I’m a senior now?! This idea brings complicated feelings which I am not ready to deal with at the moment, so let’s just forget about it for now.

So I got back home Thursday night, and on Friday I just chilled here in the ‘burbs, fed some fish, saw some ducks, you know. Then Saturday I went to Richmond with my parents, where we got a ton of stuff at Chinese supermarkets and had delicious dim sum at Fisherman’s Terrace. And then after lunch I made my way to Vancouver to meet up with some high school friends, chatted a bit at UBC (I’d forgotten how pretty the school is, but a very different kind of pretty than Columbia), and had a lovely night at Milestones downtown. Sunday: gym, pool, watch hockey (I can watch hockey again!). And today… stuck at home and I broke our cable, so it was rather boring. So I went and took some pictures of our flowers that my dad is so proud of, some of which I have showcased below:

Wow, exciting life I’ve got there, I know. And can I just take a minute to complain about the weather? It SUCKS. We had to turn on the fireplace and it’s May. Not cool (actually, too cool).

Aight, new topic! How I Met Your Mother season 6 finale tonight… how do I feel about this? Nervous and excited at the same time. See, this is the reason I don’t watch TV much: I get way too obsessed and I get really involved emotionally that it can’t possibly be healthy for me. But it’s too late for this show. Aiyaiyai.

So. I’m really happy about the Erikson baby! So happy that something’s finally going right for Marshall, it’s true that the guy’s has a tough year. Not much happened with Ted, though good riddance that Zoe is finally gone for good. Barney and Robin. How much do I love these two together? The scene in the cab… oh my goodness. Then that scene when they’re on the sidewalk with Ted, it was so heartbreaking. And that last look from Robin… I do desperately hope that in the end, in the very end, Barney and Robin end up together. Yes, they were a mess, as they admitted themselves, but also as they admitted, they really did (and perhaps still do) love each other. So it was a beautiful mess. Obligatory Jason Mraz song insertion:

The song is actually kind of perfect for them. Sigh… I do so much want them together. So do I think that the wedding is Barney and Robin’s? I want to believe that, but only if goes well, since there are rumours that the wedding doesn’t go great and it will be the end of someone’s love story and such. So I don’t know. I don’t want to put too much faith into anything right now because again, it would just make me sad if it doesn’t turn out the way I want. But really, after 6 years, I really can’t get too invested in a new character like Nora, and certainly not to the point where I’d see her marrying Barney. So… yeah.

While we’re on the topic of TV shows, I know I just said that I can’t watch too much TV but I came across this trailer for Fox’s new show New Girl and I’m really excited!

Because it looks hilarious, and because the amazing and lovely Zooey Deschanel stars in it. Excited!Ok it’s late now and I’m tired and I know this post was just all over the place, but whatever. Sleep time!

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A lot of people probably reach a point in their lives where they feel like everyone around them is getting engaged or married except for them. It’s probably normal. If you’re like 30 years old. This is happening to me now. AND I’M ONLY FRICKIN’ 21. What on earth?!

Starting only a few months after graduating high school (and even before), little hearts started to pop up occasionally on my Facebook feed, notifying me that such-and-such acquaintance is getting engaged. At first I was like, okay, I know a lot of people, there are bound to be some that are starting to get there. But then in this past year it’s just been crazy. Two days in a row now someone has gotten engaged. And let me just day that these are all people who are younger than me or within 4 years older than me. I can’t even count the number of people my age who are either engaged or married on both hands anymore.

How do I feel about this? I’m not sure. Just to be clear, I am not judging these people for getting married so young. On the contrary, I’m quite glad that they’ve found their happiness so early in life, and it gives me hope in love. But on the other hand, I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t freaking me out just a little bit. And I’m not even sure why. I mean, I have a wonderful boyfriend of 2 and a half years, so it’s not like I’m feeling desperate in my love life. And I have no intention of getting married before I’m at least 25. I don’t even have a degree yet! Heck, I haven’t even finished the Core! How are these people who aren’t even legal to drink in the States ready to get married?! It sometimes boggles my mind. All these people make me feel like at this point in life, I SHOULD be ready for this huge thing in life. But I’m not. It feels so so far away and foreign. And to think that these people that I went to high school with just a few years earlier are already there is just… such a strange feeling.

I know it’s ridiculous to feel this… pressure or whatever it is that I’m feeling, but I can’t help it. And it makes no sense because I neither want nor am ready for what they have right now. Maybe it just adds to my overall panic about my future in general. Maybe because I know I want to have some sense of where my career is going before I get married, and since I have no clue of the former at the moment, people who already have the latter figured out make me feel years behind. (Ugh. My parents just called me down to have the “what are you planning to do after graduation?” conversation. Which is not helping anything. Seriously people, it’s freaking me out.) Yeah, that sounds about right.

So… I don’t really have a conclusion to this post. I just had to write it down to let go of some of the frustration and it actually helped me come to a reasonable explanation to why I was feeling the way I was (I HATE feeling crappy and not know why). So… yay? Anyway. A happier post shall follow tomorrow.

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In fact, much quicker than the coat saga! So, after looking some alternatives to the one-shouldered blue dress that Robin wore on HIMYM, I actually found an alternative to one of the alternatives! Ha! Who wouldda thought? Check out this dress from Charlotte Russe, which looks almost exactly like the one from BCBG!

At a very affordable price, I had to get it! (It’s still on sale here).

I love that they have some black in the ruffles, which is great for matching with black shoes and accessories. Can’t wait to wear it!

P.S.: Done with finals now! Packing frenzy in progress. Will be home in 3 days!!

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