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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

“But it’ll be so convenient!”

Oh yes, I know. But I’m not a convenient person. I’m like the very antithesis of convenient. If I were convenient, I would have chosen to go to the university that’s 2 hours away from home, would cost me next to nothing, and where 90% of my friends attend, not the one that’s all the way across the continent in different country, in a city I’d never even visited and knew no one. I wouldn’t have had to go through the extra effort to write the SAT’s, across the border no less, when I could have just chilled during the last two years of high school like everyone else. If I were convenient, I would have just stayed close to home or even close to New York last summer instead of going all the way to Austria last summer, where I wondered lost by myself in the blazing sun, an hour after my flight landed, lugging my heavy suitcase, looking for the hostel I was supposed to stay at. If I were convenient, I wouldn’t be attempting to do a major in Neuroscience, a concentration in Linguistics, and all the pre-med requirements during my undergrad years, causing me to take 6 or at least 5 classes each semester, senior year included. No, I am not a convenient person.

Why? Even my own mother wonders that sometimes. “Why do you always have to make things harder for yourself?” I’m not so sure myself. I’ve speculated before that my nomadic tendencies may have come from the fact that my family had always been on the move for nearly all of my childhood and adolescence, and as a result I’ve been conditioned to feel that movement is natural, and if I stay in one place for too long, I feel stagnant and have the urge to go somewhere new. This makes sense. So what about the rest of my inconvenient behavior? Maybe I just like challenges (but that sounds so clichéd). For some reason though, it does give me an odd sense of satisfaction to be inconvenient. Sometimes I feel like life is too short to give in to convenience; there are always better criteria for making choices in life. Maybe that’s the reason behind it all, who knows. Whatever it is, this is and always will be my inconvenient truth.


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