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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

I can’t believe Spring Break is half over already. *Tear* I am thoroughly broke this year so staying in the city it is.

Whenever I’m on break it’s always all about food! Last Saturday Yufei and I went to Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse for a delicious dinner (restaurant was too dark so no photos). Then on Tuesday it’s off to Chinatown for some dim sum with friends at Golden Unicorn (I HAVE TO remember to take some pictures next time!). Been there so many times and it’s never disappointed! I also stuffed myself at various other eateries around the city, but I also found some time to do some cooking as well. And of course there is photographic evidence for that!

Spicy noodles with tomatoes, lettuce, sausage, and heart-shaped boiled eggs (find out how to make them here):

Hot and sour julienned potatoes:

Cola wings (recipe here):

Stir-fried pasta with chicken and mix veggies:

Oh and, although this happened before Spring Break, it is worth mentioning: my friend in Canada is the bestest person ever for shipping me 4 big bags of ketchup flavored chips! America is great and all, but sometime it’s seriously lacking in its supermarkets. No Kraft peanut butter, ketchup chips, or Quaker yogurt granola bars?! That’s just sad. Anyways, the arrival of ketchup chips was epic.

Sadly, I only have 1 bag left.


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