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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

There’s something I’ve noticed on this campus and it’s been annoying me long enough now that I need to get it out. Students love to treat themselves horribly in the name of “working hard” and “being busy” and complain to you about it, yet at the same time they seem to pride themselves on their masochistic practices. You know what I’m talking about: “This is the second all-nighter I pulled this week!” “I’ve had nothing to eat except a grape since this morning!” What kind of reaction are you trying to elicit from me? Sympathy? Not from this girl. I hardly believe that you were really busy enough that you couldn’t stop by the cafe and buy a sandwich. All-nighters? Why not try start studying more than 24 hours before your exam? I just don’t buy that someone can truly be so busy as to not have time for these basic things that sustain our health. It’s all about managing your time, and these people are simply not doing it, either intentionally or not. Their complaints seem to do nothing but assert to themselves and others just how “intense” and “hardcore” they are. Am I supposed to feel inferior to you if I slept last night and ate lunch today? I’ve never pulled an all-nighter and I don’t remember ever skipping a meal, and yes, I also have a full and challenger course load and a GPA that’s probably not too far from yours.

Somehow people seem to believe that these self-depriving behaviors are badges of honors commemorating their valiant efforts in doing whatever it is they are doing, and by telling other people about it is like showing off these badges, hoping to invite some kind of admiration or validation. Would people still do these things to themselves if they aren’t allowed to share it with anyone (yes, that includes Facebook statuses and tweets)? Would they still feel good about it? I don’t know. All I’m saying is, if you are willing to neglect your health because you are just oh so busy and stressed out and complain about it to me, I’m not going to feel sorry for you or applaud you for it. Now excuse me while I finish my sandwich and take a nap.


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