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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

Here is the long promised tutorial for the giant lollipop wand I used as a prop for my California Gurls inspired Halloween costume!

Project: lollipop wand
Difficulty level: medium

Step 1: Gather your supplies! You will need: cardboard, scissors, craft glue, tape, ribbons, a dowel/chopstick/plastic straw, white poster board or other sturdy paper, markers and other decorative materials.

Step 2: Wrap your dowel/chopstick/plastic straw (I used a sturdy straw here) in a ribbon of your choice. Tape or glue the ends. This will be the stick part of the lollipop.

Step 3: Cut out 4 circles of the same size from the cardboard, the size depends on how big you want the lollipop to be. Make sure that the thickness of 2 pieces of cardboard is equal to the diameter of the stick you made in Step 2. If not, adjust the number of cardboard circles accordingly.

Step 4: Take 2 of the cardboard circles, cut a small rectangular opening on their side just big enough to fit the stick.

Step 5: Glue all 4 circles together, with the 2 circles with the opening matched up and in the middle, and the 2 intact circles on either side. This will create a disk that will be the candy part of the lollipop with a hole on the side in which you can later put the stick.

Step 6: Take the white poster board and cut a strip that is the length of the circumference of cardboard disk, and the width 3 times as thick as the disk. Fold the strip lengthwise into 3, so that the middle section is as thick as the disk. Cut every 1 cm or so all the way along the 2 sections on the sides of the strip.

Step 7: Start wrapping the strip along the edges of the cardboard disk. The middle section of the strip should line up with the edge of the disk, and the sides of the strip should allow the strip to bend along the curve of the disk.

Step 8: Tape down the sides of the strip to the disk as you continue to wrap it, until the entire edge of the disk is covered, except for the opening.

Step 9: Cut 2 circles of the same size as your disk from the white poster board. Decorate them however you like your lollipop to look.

Step 10: Assemble your lollipop wand! Glue the 2 circles to the cardboard disk, insert the stick into the opening on the side of the disk and glue in place, and add a bow with ribbons. And you’re done!

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