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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

So I’m finally in Vienna and settled in now, after a somewhat eventful journey and first couple of days. My flight from Vancouver to Toronto ended up leaving an hour and a half late, there was water dripping into my lap from the ceiling during take-off, and one of the overhead bin doors cracked open during landing and could not be closed (it appeared to be broken). Needless to say, my impression of Air Canada worsened even more after these events and I think they’ve just lost one customer forever. So instead of having 2 hours layover like I thought I would have, I was already 30 minutes late for boarding for my next flight. So I had to run through the Toronto airport, where the express walkway was conveniently under maintenance. I made the flight alright, which was a huge relief, and thought that my troubles would end there. I was wrong again.

The flight was smooth enough, I found the coach bus from the airport and my way to the student residence I’m stay at, unpacked, and got settled into my room. What more is there to do, right? So I decided to take a nap and wait for my roommate to arrive. I was wakened by a knock on the door a while later. Roommate! So I ran to open the door to reveal… a boy. We both thought there must have been some mistake, so after several trips down to the office, we realized that the program coordinator had confused my gender and thought that I was a guy. Uh oh. We were offered several options, and after weighing them I decided to stay with my surprised roommate for a night before moving to a single room the next day. So after all that, I finally got settled into my real room last night.

The curtains match my bedsheets!

The room is quite nice, a comfortable bed, large desk space, a fridge, and my own bathroom, which I absolutely love (I’m going to hate my Columbia dorm after this summer).

Friday morning we proceeded to the Vienna Biocenter via subway. The day was quite packed and I really don’t feel like writing down everything we did, so pictures will have to do.

The Center:

T-shirt designing contest:

My group’s design for the back of the shirt got picked!

Social hour:

Dinner at Restaurant Expedit:

I had to go to my lab both days this weekend (special present for me! I was the only one who had to go), so I didn’t have much chance to explore the city yet. Hopefully this won’t be the case for the other weekends. But I already learned a lot about working with Drosophila and I’m really excited to get into my project. Tomorrow’s the official start of my internship so I’ve got to be going to bed now. Before then, some bonus random photos of Vienna :)

Trams are everywhere!

A church?

Haus Erasmus, where I’m staying at:

A random street near my residence:

More exciting posts are hopefully coming up! This is just the beginning.


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