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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

After spending 5 days in Toronto, it was time for me to be on home turf in Vancouver. (To be honest, this whole thing was beginning to feel a bit like the hometown episodes of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette).

First stop was Queen Elizabeth Park, where Yufei was fascinated by a macaw in the conservatory:

Next we went to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens several blocks down. I’d never been there before and found it to be a really nice place! We didn’t have a lot of time that day, but I would imagine that it would be a lovely place to spend a day.

The sun was starting to shine, finally! We did the hedge maze :)

Granville Island was our next stop, one of my favourite places to spend the day!

Yufei found lots of interesting statues to pose with:

UBC was next! Enjoying the sun on the Knoll:

Embrace it!

Fun at Science World!

English Bay (I think this may be my favourite picture ever):

It’s Imitate The Statue Day!

Vancouver Aquarium:

Stanley Park:

Treetop Adventures at Capilano Suspension Bridge:

We had planned to do the Grouse Grind, but no one even thought about the possibility that it wasn’t open yet, which was the case. But we talked to some hikers who were coming down and they told us that there’s a different way to get onto the path without going through the locked fence gate. So we did that! Even though we weren’t supposed to. Because we are hardcore like that.

Almost there!

We were exhausted when we got to the top (gosh I need to get in better shape), but the view was breathtaking:

The grizzly bears were being exceptionally playful that day!

The day after we took it easy and went to Metrotown, where we went to the arcade and took Japanese photobooth photos! As always, no one there knew any Japanese and a frenzy resulted from attempting to use the machine. But we got our shiny photos in the end!

I’ve never had this much fun in Vancouver in such a short time before :)

“Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains. It’s a liquid city, a tomorrow city, equal parts India, China, England, France and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the cool North American sibling.”


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