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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

I’ve never been a fan of pointed toe shoes. I’ve never actually tried on any, maybe because I thought they wouldn’t look good on me, maybe because they reminded me of awful 80’s fashion, or maybe because I thought they would pinch my feet (no one’s toes are shaped like that!). The concept just never made any sense to me and I never thought that I could pull it off. So to my own surprise, I bought a pair of pointy shoes this week.

I was looking for a pair of basic black flats since my last pair got so worn that I threw them out during move out. There I stood in front of the always limited selection of size 5.5 shoes at the n-th shoes store I’d been to that day, sighing at the small range of choices. I tried on the few black flats that were there, but did not like any of them. The last thing that was left was a pair of pointy shoes. Might as well try them on, right? So I did, and thought to myself, hmm this doesn’t look so bad after all. I put on both shoes and stood in front of a full length mirror. Hey, I actually kind of like them! A British saleslady walked by and commented that she thought they were cute on me. Yes I know, she’s a salesperson, of course she would say that. But all the same it made me feel more confident that I did indeed look good in the shoes. Plus, they were soft and comfy and not pinchy at all! So I bought them!

Cute ruffles, no?

I’ve yet to wear them out given the dismal weather for the past few days, but I’m excited about them! Expanding one’s style horizon is always a good thing.


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