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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

I had THE MOST FANTASTIC dream last night. So I had to write it down, though words really can’t capture the amazing imagery of dreams (I don’t think anything can). I know that the better half of the story make absolutely no sense, but this is how it went.

It was another one of the Harry Potter-ish dreams (yes, I have those once in a while, don’t judge, I can’t control it). As per usual, I was Hermione. So the dream began somewhere in a dungeon like place at night, where Harry, Ron, and I were held captive and were trying to break out before Harry was supposed to be taken away and executed at midnight. We succeeded somehow in the nick of time and escaped through the corridor between Hartley and Wallach (Columbia turned into Hogwarts?).

We ran and ran across this field, and finally found this giant pumpkin underground to hide in (I don’t know how we got inside the pumpkin, magic I guess?). So we were in there, hoping that the bad guys (Death Eaters?) don’t find us, when I suddenly went, “hey wait a minute, isn’t Yale’s graduation today?” I have no idea why they needed the pumpkin for that, but they did need it for whatever special ritual in their commencement ceremonies. So we had to get out of the pumpkin through layers of squishy and bubbly stuff.

So we began to run again, still across the field, being chased. We jumped over this wooden fence and ran into the woods, where one of the boys (Harry I think?) fell down and got tangled up with trees fallen all over him. So we stopped to help him up and kept running. Dawn was beginning to break now, and we ran to this clearing in the woods where there was this huge, beautiful pool surrounded by mist. Fairy-like creatures were bathing and swimming around in it. The pool was magic, and we could run across the surface of the water. The fairy people complained that we were polluting the pool at first (maybe from the pumpkin gunk?), but then didn’t really care after a while. We could fly over the pool, and swim in it. But we could breathe and see under the water, and it was the most amazing feeling ever. The magic pool was protected by the mist so we could forget about the people chasing us. I saw one of my suite-mates from last year in the pool too, so I said hi to him, and he said “see? Didn’t I tell you this is the best place to swim?” I wholehearted agreed.

After a bit of this pleasantry, Tyra Banks (WTF) showed up and made everyone get out of the pool because she needed it for ANTM (WTF). So much for being protected from Death Eaters. So we kept walking, until we came to what was like the very edge of the magical world. Which was a long glass wall with doors, which surrounded the entire magical kingdom almost like a greenhouse. We could see a different place behind the glass, but we didn’t know what it was. We asked someone what that place was, but s/he told us that this is the edge of this world, and nobody had gone beyond it. We decided to try it, since there didn’t seem to be any better alternatives.

We opened one of the doors and went though. The world on the other side was breathtakingly beautiful and wonderful. I knew where we were. “Wonderland,” I whispered in awe. Yes, we were in a different magical world; we were in Wonderland. We saw Alice there, and we saw a beautiful Laguna Beach at sunset there too (huh? I’ve never even been to Laguna Beach). The imagery was akin to those of heaven depicted in the movie The Lovely Bones crossed with Tim Burton’s Wonderland. We had a fun time looking around, when we realized that the people on the other side could still see us across the glass wall. But instead of people, we looked like miniature creatures, like ants, in a display case to them. So Wonderland, in a sense, existed as displays to the other side. We got scared that we would be found, so another way to hide had to be found.

The details of the dream began to get fuzzy at this point, but I think in the end the idea was to hide in the magical world of Lord of the Rings.

I don’t know what I did differently last night, but I would love to have such wonderful dreams every night. Maybe I should consult my CC professor last semester, a psychiatrist turned philosopher with a record of recreational drug use who proclaim to have fantastic dreams. Hmm.


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