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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

The last few days of the semester were hectic. Finals overall were easier than past semesters, in my opinion, with the notable exception of Biology. That was the awfullest exam I’ve ever seen and I cannot express how happy I am that the class is finally behind me. After finals came the packing and moving, possibly my least favourite part of the year. Being short on time this year, I was ruthless with throwing things out. Clothes, books, even beloved shoes ended up in the garbage. By the morning of Saturday, May 15, everything was finally stored and sophomore year officially ended, not so much with sadness but with relief. The sophomore slump was a very real phenomenon to me. Since the very beginning, the year had been plagued by the lack of motivation, loss of direction, and general disillusionment. I sincerely hope that next year would be different.

Since the end of school, I’ve been trying to forget about school and relaxing a bit, in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria… blog posts about these small travels coming soon. Now I’m back home in our new house in Surrey. The house is nice, a lot bigger than before, newer, our own backyard with a fish tank, and I have my own bathroom. But there is absolutely nothing in the neighbourhood except more houses. I miss the convenience of my old house with everything close by: my old high school, the gym and pool, the library, stores, restaurants, cafes. Coupled with the cold weather and abundance of rainfall, I’ve been pretty bored at home. Finally mailed out my visa application to the Austrian embassy last weekend after so much paperwork, phone calls, e-mails, and various errands. The process was more than painful and contradictory information was rampant. The man at the embassy was downright rude. Talk about being an ambassador for your country; if every Austrian was like him I’d avoid the place at all cost. Hopefully everything with the visa goes alright and I get it back soon (but somehow I have a feeling that the embassy is working against me and something will go wrong).

May I just complain about the weather some more? Seriously. It’s June. I have not worn my flipflops at all back home yet. There has not been a full day of sunshine. Nor more than 2 days without rain. What is up with that?


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