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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

Sometimes I feel like my life is just a series of movements from place to place. Ever since I was a baby, my family has always been moving around. A lot. From apartment to house, from town to city, from country to country, from continent to continent. I think I’ve been influenced by it all and can no longer stay in one place for long anymore. Maybe this is why I chose to go to college all the way on the other coast when I had options to stay home. It seems like just yesterday that I packed up my entire dorm room to move out for the summer. Now I’m unpacking my entire room back at my family’s new home in a different city. In a month, I will once again pack up my bags and go to Austria. Then two months after that, I will move into my new dorm in New York. More unpacking. Sometimes I feel weary of it all, all this movement. But I will never say that I wish I could just stay in one place now. But I know that without having moved around so much and experienced life in so many different places, I would not be the person I am today. Now is the time to travel, to move, to drift, to experience. I’m too young to stay in one place. Maybe 20 years from now I will want that. But for now, I chase the next. For now, movement is just fine.


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