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Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

Monthly Archives: April 2010

I went to Brooklyn Botanical Garden last weekend. What a beautiful place! Great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Look at these gorgeous lilacs. Lilacs are one of my favorite blooms ever. To me, nothing else signals the arrival of early summer, my favorite time of the year, more so than lilacs.

Just in time for cherry blossom season.

Lying under the cherry trees.

Tulips! Another favorite of mine. I remember going to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with my family years ago, and there were just field of tulips stretching as far as the eye can see, in all sorts of colors.

After walking around the garden, we looked for a place to have lunch. Stumbled upon a Greek restaurant named Teddy’s. We were seated in the garden in the back, nice little place, with wonderful Mediterranean music playing. I had a chicken shish kebab, which came with salad and a side, and the portion was huge. It was so very delicious, and a great balance of meat and veggies, which I find very difficult to get in a dish at restaurants.

We got free pita bread with delicious tzatziki sauce. My boyfriend had a New York burger, reported to be also very good.

Just writing about it is making my mouth water!

That was definitely a day well spent :)


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So I ended up in Harmony for next year. 84 square feet. Oy. Still holding out hope for summer transfer, but I’m surprisingly content about living in Harmony. Currently I’m only 1 of 2 girls on the floor right now, so if I do end up there the bathroom will be heavenly. And I’ve kind of started thinking about the decor for my dorm already, because things like that make me feel happy inside. So I’ve decided that the problem with my room right now is that it’s too busy and eclectic, so for next year I will try to keep it clean, minimalistic, and cohesive. Right now I’m considering a color scheme of green, black, and white, and here are some of the ideas I have.

– First things first, I need new bedding. Right now nothing matches, my comforter doesn’t fit my duvet cover, etc. Besides, having nice new bedding means that I might actually feel inclined to make my bed each day! Ideally, I would love to have this set:

But it only comes with a duvet cover (which will not fit my comforter… I don’t know why it’s such a weird size) and a pillow sham, no sheets. But I just love the beautiful design of it… sigh. So I did some more research and discovered that Walmart, of all places, actually has really good, reasonably priced bedding! Such as this one:

But the one I REALLY love is this:

Gorgeous damask – and it’s reversible! Classy black and white will go with any accent color, so I can use it for years to come. I think I will actually get it for next year.

– Ok next – I want a rug. Possibly this one from Urban Outfitters. Or any old green rug really.

– Instead of putting up my photos randomly everywhere, I will instead do this photo heart headboard:

– A simple banner from Banter Banner. Maybe this one?

– Make over my light to look something like this:

– I want some plants in my room. Might attempt these upside down planters:

Or maybe just get a few of these:

Or make a terrarium like I always wanted to!

– Tape silhouettes of birds made from black/green paper and book pages to my walls.

– Hang strands of paper cranes from my window.

– Maybe a curtain?

Ahh I’m so excited for this! Any other cool home decor ideas? Let me know!

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Just excellent.

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Some updates on the roof(s) over my head. My parents just moved out of the townhouse we’ve had since my 7th grade in Langley into our new house in Surrey. It’ll be a strange experience going home to a completely new place that I’ve never seen before. I guess it’s become less and less “home” now that I spend most of my time away from it. Nevertheless, I’m pretty excited about the house, since it will be the first time that my family has had a detached house, besides the one we rented during our year in England. But somehow I have a feeling that our crappy furniture is going to bring down the look of our new abode; even the moving guys commented on how nobody would want to have our ratty old TV stand even if we gave it for free (actually, I’m pretty sure that’s how we got it in the first place). I personally think that furniture is something worth investing in, so this will not happen when I get a place of my own.

Speaking of which, housing selection at Columbia is treating me rather badly. It’s come down to either Wien or Harmony. Time for a pros and cons list.

– Sink in each room
– Bigger rooms
– Newly renovated bathrooms
– Higher floor
– Closer to campus
– No floor kitchens
– Not every floor has lounges
Wien pervert

– Kitchen and lounge on each floor
– Bright lights
– Hardwood floors
– Nice furniture (it’s important I say!)
– Has a gym in the building (this will make working out so much less painful)
– Close to Westside Market
– Smaller rooms
– Far from campus
– Lower floor most likely
– Old and slow elevator

Oh and both will probably have vermin.

So there. What do I do? Sigh. Why oh why does it have to come down to this? I’m hoping that a miracle will happen and I will get a summer transfer into a studio single in Watt. Ha.

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Twenty-four days left until my last final exam of the semester. Motivation is at a all time low. I don’t care about reading dense, obscure philosophy any more. I don’t want to do another impossible biology problem set. With very few exceptions, I am far from being excited about anything that I’m doing in school. The more I think about it, the more I realize that what I truly love doing happens outside of the classroom. Trying new recipes. Traveling to new places. Reading books that I actually enjoy. Being with my family. Taking pictures. Doing art. Learning something for the sake of my curiosity instead of my GPA. All of which I can’t wait to do this summer when school is done with. Is this what college is supposed to be like? And for what? Some job that I’m supposed to have because of convention and the expectations of others? I can’t help but keep thinking that maybe being here doing what I’m doing is all a mistake. But some other part of me tells me that it’s the sensible thing to do, that if I keep working hard at it I will have a steady job one day and it will all pay off. Is that worth spending my youth in misery for? Is that all there is to life? It’s sad that our world is constructed in such a way that we can’t just do what we love and not have to worry about anything else. The need to make a living for yourself is the most unfortunate inconvenience in life.

A picture of me in my first few weeks as a freshman. I wonder if she was so lost then as I am now.

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Even though I’m a girl, and I believe that most readers of this blog are girls, I can’t help but share this gem I found today. Valet, an online lifestyle magazine for men, is brilliant, something every “21st century gentleman” should have bookmarked on his browser. Classy and contemporary, updated daily, the site offers the latest fashion, culture, and gear for guys. From testing shaving supplies to deciphering care labels on clothes, from tips on packing carry-on’s to putting together the perfect spring outfit, Valet is a treasure trove of tips, advice, and inspiration. Excellent post on how to pronounce designer names too (“Herm├Ęs: AIR-mehz”). Tell the men in your lives to go check it out!


… of a cardigan exactly like this for the past month!

It would be so perfect for layering over dresses in the spring. Want.

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