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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

I’ve been staying at my friend’s place in Baoding, a small city in the province of Hebei, for the past few days. This is the place where I spent most of my childhood, from kindergarten until I left for Canada in grade 4. But for some reason I don’t have much memory of the city, only memories of events that occurred. So I was pretty lost this time around, especially since we didn’t go to any of the places where I used to spend time, like the university my dad worked at or the elementary school I went to. So what did I do there? Girly stuff. Like getting my hair done… it’s now dark brown and curly:


And getting my nails done for the first time ever:


They’re pretty, but my nails have never been so long before and I am not adjusting to them very well. I can’t seem to do anything with them, and it’s taking me forever to type this up.

We also went to take photobooth photos:


The machines are a little different from the Japanese ones at the arcade back in Vancouver, but I’ll take them anyway they come; they’re so fun. It frustrates and surprises me that I can’t seem to find a photobooth machine anywhere in New York, and if anyone knows where there is one, please please please let me know (Chinatown? Koreatown? Flushing?).

I also went shopping (finally!) and bought some smaller items such as jewelery, wallets, and shoes, and I have to say that I really missed shopping in China :)

One thing I certainly don’t miss though, is being sick. I caught a cold from my mom a couple of weeks back, and all of the symptoms have disappeared except for the coughing. It just won’t go away. We’ve tried everything from antibiotics to traditional herbal medicine, and nothing seems to work. The last time we were back in China, the same thing happened to my mom, and she was still coughing for weeks after she came back to Canada. She went to the doctor and he suspected it to be tuberculosis, but it wasn’t. It was just a strangely persistent cough, and she eventually did get better. I’m afraid it’s the same thing this time :( Something about the bugs in China…

PS: My typing speed has greatly improved by the end of this post :D


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