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Laundry On Sundaes

Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.

So I’m finally in China now! It was at once a smooth yet tumultuous journey. The flight from Vancouver to Beijing was delayed to begin with, so we had to wait for a rather long time at the airport. They had a huge aquarium in the international departures section now, which is really cool :)


Everything went pretty well once we boarded the plane. To make the 11-hour flight go faster, I watched 2 movies and some other TV shows. The first movie I saw was Monsters Inc, which I haven’t seen since grade 7. I had forgotten most of the movie, not to mention the fact that my English skills back then was questionable so I’m not sure if I understood most of it in the first place. So this time around it was really a cute and sweet film, and I really enjoyed it :) The second movie I watched is one that I had wanted to see for a while now – The Kite Runner. I had read the book back in grade 11 and loved it, and I was really impressed with the movie rendition of it. It was such a heart wrenching yet heartwarming movie, highly recommend it.

After too many hours of staring at a tiny screen too close in front of me and 2.5 icky meals (of which I only ate about 1.2), the plane finally landed. But. That was not it. In case you didn’t know, China is slightly paranoid about the whole swine flu deal. So… everyone had to stay in their seats so that the quarantine officials can come in and check… for.. something. I’ve heard from my dad that they’d be wearing full bodysuits and gas masks, so I was kind of excited to see it. But alas, to my dismay, only 1 guy came on and he only had a surgical mask. Ah the disappointment. But then, a few minutes later, the fully suited men came! This caused quite a stir, and many of the passengers took out their cameras and began snapping photos, myself included.


I found it really funny… that is, until we found out that one of the flight attendants had a fever, and she was ushered off the plane in a mask. Uh oh. Will we be quarantined?! Panic in the cabin. The astronaut-looking men went around and checked some other stuff and finally, a whole hour after we landed, we were told that we could leave. Phew. as soon as I left the plane, I was greeted with a puff of hot, humid air. Yikes. The heat strikes already. After a few more quarantine stations (one with a infrared detector to check body temperature), we finally got out of the airport and into the glorious capital.

A shorter than expected taxi ride later, we arrived at the bottom of my grandparent’s apartment. Oh and when I got in the taxi, out of habit I grabbed the seat belt. Then I remembered that I was in China and realized that neither the driver nor my mom was wearing theirs. I reluctantly let go of it and felt a slightly unsafe, and thus slightly un-Chinese. But I did get here safely, and I definitely made up for my lack of eating on the flight with a delicious home cooked dinner :) Ok I think that’s enough for now… I need a a shower badly and I need to catch up on sleep.

PS: I’m hating China’s internet already… can’t attach pictures on here for some reason :( I’ll work on it (though any help would be appreciated).

PPS: Yay I did it :D


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